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by JMJimmy (#46738485) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

Thousands of homes have gas generators, especially out in the country, that the parts can be scavenged from/they can be retrofitted to meet blackest_k's idea. Back in the blackout of '03 I was working in a video store in a small town - we had our best days ever because of it. Everyone seemed to have a generator and a lot of time on their hands.

Also, near where I live there are dozens of small to medium solar installations and up to 75 megawatts of wind power - it'd be a fairly simple matter to isolate the area from the main grid and, inconsistently, power 2,000 to 5,500 homes. Not perfect but far from having to go back to bronze age tech. That's the great thing about a lot of our infrastructure - while some may need specialized training (nuclear by example) some is designed to last a long time. Sure it will need maintenance and repair but it's fairly easy to figure it out with a highschool level of education.

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I'd upgrade right back to WinXP if I could. Win8 is currently blocking access to all my apps, the WinStore won't load, and the store broker loads in the background and uses up half the system resources. Microsoft's "support" response? Go back to the days of Win95 and format/re-install because they can't be bothered to figure out what broke it (oh btw, 4th time this has happened)

What's the point of getting support from a company who doesn't actually want to support you?

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Couldn't agree more. Hell, my local win8 app installs are gone (or at least inaccessible) because I can't access the Microsoft Store - thanks cloud!

Anyway, here's a list of games up to 2010 - some no longer rely on it but it's the best reference list I've been able to locate:

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There's no current measurement of a person's metabolic rate. I sleep later, eat more, and am older than my partner but my metabolic rate is higher due to previous lifestyle so I have a lower BMI. Anecdotal but it shows the flaw in the study. To show something like this you'd have to look at a larger but focused sample over a very long time.

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Very interesting idea... it could also be that they also evolved them together, each re-enforcing the other. I wonder if the idea about keeping cool...

Of course the savannah is a very got place and keeping cool is very important. Another theory has to do with the way light is reflects from the pattern of stripes. The black and white stripes reflect the sun in different ways, the white reflects the sun and causes an upward movement of air. The black absorbs the sun, which causes a downward movement of air. This is said to create a circular air movement around the zebra, which is thought to help keep the zebra cool.

If this causes turbulence which makes it difficult for the flies to land and take off?

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Digital streaming is without a doubt more convenient from a certain standpoint, especially a short term view. There are several reasons DVDs are important to some as well as a longer term view. For basic consumption it's great, not so much for ownership and control.

First, there's the human aspect to it. Many like to collect objects - from stones to Elvis memorabilia to various forms of culture and everything in between. There's a certain satisfaction to owning a physical object like a DVD or book. While it can be taken to unhealthy extremes, for most it's just a hobby.

Second there's the long term view. Digital streams, cloud based collections, etc are all temporary. No one owns anything and are at the mercy of corporations as to whether that item will stay viewable over the long term.

Third, not all services are created equal. While I can buy just about any DVD I'd care to, when it comes to Netflix the offerings are pathetic simply because I'm above the 49th parallel. I'd be paying the same amount for a fraction of the content simply due to my geography.

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No, because the 2nd drive provides redundancy - if drive 1 fails then you restore from drive 2. There's a slight possibility that both drives fail at the same time but that's a very remote chance.

House fire.

This point has been gone over and over... main drive failure at exactly the same time as a house fire/flood/etc at your secondary location? HIGHLY unlikely.

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