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+ - Voyager 2 discovers ->

Submitted by JKSN17
JKSN17 (956518) writes "The following article reports that the Voyager 2 Spacecraft has made the discovery that the heliosphere surrounding our solar system was dented by a supernova 10 — 20 million years ago. So far the police have no suspects in the drive by..."
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It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - How to Be a Tech Hero...And Incredibly Popular->

Submitted by JKSN17
JKSN17 (956518) writes ",139503/article.html PC World has an article offering some handy tips for those of us out there that have friends and family who assume that just because you have a Computer degree or any knowledge in computing in general, you are immediately and always available to resolve any of their computer issues. The author provides a number of handy tips and articles to try and help the tech savvy look good, and regain life (or gaming) time."
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