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Comment: Re:Free markets (Score 0, Troll) 252

by JJNess (#28428307) Attached to: Minn. Supreme Court Upholds City's Right To Build Own Network
Trouble is, I'm sure there's some bit of our tax money being used to make this failnet, whether or not we as citizens use it. If my city decides to do something like this, I'll be sure to attend every city council meeting and read everything I can about it to try to gauge how well-built the network will be.

Comment: Re:So? (Score 1) 182

by JJNess (#28200949) Attached to: Microsoft Confirms October 22 Release Date For Windows 7
Ok, that's kinda funny! Here's your +1, my good AC! I'm with the GP: I only play a few games, but none of them will work well in Linux. I've even grown sick of trying to get WoW to run in wine (granted, I tried on my old laptop with a 945GM chipset, which was notorious for linux incompatibility). I'd like to learn to set up a complete linux shop, but our engineers need AutoCAD software that I doubt would work in linux. Even if it did, we don't have the know-how in the company to set up all our customizations for it in anything but Windows. I'm excited for Windows 7. I hope our company migrates to it soon. XP is started to feel really dated.

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