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Comment: Re:MS Office will still reign supreme (Score 1) 164

The likelihood is that they have Software Assurance anyway so are covered for whatever version of MS Office they choose to run on whatever version of Windows they want to support.

If the IS staff deem an upgrade required there will be a time/people cost of sorts (although remember the staff will be employed doing X anyway so it's more a scheduling priority) but not an licensing upgrade cost.

Comment: Re:Entire Article... (Score 2) 123

by JImbob0i0 (#47107347) Attached to: <em>Watch Dogs</em> Released, DRM Troubles

It genuinely was down at one point yesterday (around 7pm BST onwards... not sure when it was usable again).

I couldn't even log into the uplay website much less authenticate my game. Interestingly it was partially working as it would try to authenticate and then the uplay application would crash - I assume with some sort of null pointer error ... although I didn't bother to debug it.

Since I had already started it once earlier in the day though before uplay services took a nose dive disabling my network interface allowed me to start uplay in offline mode (I could then re-enable the interface after choosing offline) and play the game fine - just without the multiplayer features.

+ - Linksys/Belkin release WRT1900ac as followup to WRT54g but fall flat on promises

Submitted by JImbob0i0
JImbob0i0 (1202835) writes "Back in January Linksys/Belkin made a big deal about their new router and how they were working with OpenWRT. Fast forward to this week and they release it but their promises have fallen far short needing to apply patches (which don't apply cleanly) and compile yourself ... so long as you don't need wireless support. There has not been much response from Linksys on the mailing list to criticism of the improperly formatted patch dump and poor reviews as a result."

+ - Groklaw Closure->

Submitted by JImbob0i0
JImbob0i0 (1202835) writes "After many years amid fears of forced exposure in light of the recent NSA/PRISM/Lavabits events PJ has closed the doors of Groklaw.

With Microsoft/Motorola, Oracle/Google, SCO/IBM, Apple/Samsung still going on in the background will the legal implications of technology companies fade from view without the light that has been shined on them over the years?

SCO was ridiculed in no small part to researchers at the site.

Oracle was shown to have severe misunderstandings of the Java licenses.

Microsoft was forced out of the background.

When PJ last retired she passed the site over to another but recently she's been managing it herself again. This closure notice appears pretty final however.

What now for legal blogs in the technological world?"

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Seems like a touchy strategy... (Score 2) 174

by JImbob0i0 (#44495023) Attached to: MS Office For Android: Pretty, But Woefully Incomplete

But did any version of MS Office actually use the ISO/IEC 29500:2008 standard in the end?

There was so much hand waving and so on - especially given the Office spec this was based on used the ECMA standard - and a few ethereal promises later on ...

But did they ever (so far as was possible given the appalling state of the spec) actually get to implementing what was agreed on?

Comment: Re:And LibreOffice is already merging improvements (Score 1) 238

by JImbob0i0 (#44368225) Attached to: Apache OpenOffice 4.0 Released With Major New Features

This appears to be SOP for him throughout the comments...

It's sad really - seems a different Rob Weir from several years back and the OOXML ISO saga ...

I'm rapidly mentally filing him under the same categories I keep the likes of Florian Muller and Miguel de Icaza in...

... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"