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+ - PostgreSQl 8.2 gets first face lifting

Submitted by JHWH
JHWH (1046444) writes "The PostgreSQL Global Development Group is proud to announce the release of PostgreSQL 8.2.1.
While the 8.2 release has shown some real advances in the PostgreSQL feature list and performance chart, the current release has been put together mostly to fix a number of issues that were causing, among others, crashes in the servers.
At the same time also the older versions have been updated back to 7.3.
" Users are urged to upgrade at the earliest opportunity " according to the development group.
Downloads are already available in several formats, as well as updated documentation."

+ - Text based UI: which one?

Submitted by JHWH
JHWH (1046444) writes "I've been asked to design and implement a management software system with text based user interface as the replacement of an older one running on AS/400.
Despite my attempts towards a web UI, the customer is actually willing to have a text based UI.
The main reasons are the need for a very low bandwidth and the ability to run on serial terminals. All this in the 21st century!
Host systems will be Linux, the language will be C or C++.
I already thought about the use of text based browsers like lynx or links. But I fear user interaction could be less powerful that a plain text interface.
So now I have to wipe the dust away from my ncurses manual.
Or is there anyone suggesting something more effective?"

You know, the difference between this company and the Titanic is that the Titanic had paying customers.