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Comment Re:non-replaceable battery? (Score 1) 133

Of course there is a technical value. Have you ever wondered why these laptops are so thin? Take a look at the Macbook Pro's battery.
I bet it would be a lot harder to make one of these swappable. It's as wide as the laptop, almost half of the height of the machine and about goes almost halfway through. Add the non-regular shape, and you've got something hard to swap in and out.

Comment Allow working remotely (Score 1) 261

In my personal experience as an employee, if it's possible for you and your company, allow them to work from home once or twice a week either through Remote Desktop/VNC/whatever on the company's VPN or bring a laptop home. If your employees are responsible, working from home means less interruptions, greater focus and therefore more productivity. It also means less commute for them and more free time, less stress and they can take care of home chores like doing the laundry while they work or take their time preparing dinner. It's also easier for them if they have kids since they can just be there when they come home.

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