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Comment Re:Good Way to Explain this Kind of DRM to the Unw (Score 3, Interesting) 55

The only way "game streaming" will ever work in my opinion is where files are sent to the machine on a predicted as needed basis. Your local machine will still run the game per usual but the 50GB's of assets will not all be downloaded at one time. Blizzard games are doing this now and it really seems to work well.

Now as for the customer getting the short end of the stick, it's not all bad. If your going to be playing an online game your at the mercy of the publisher anyway. At least with Blizzard's version of streaming you don't have to wait nearly as long to play once you buy it or the patch comes out. So that part is a plus.

I am not sure this is just a DRM scheme, I think it's more of a money grab on the publishers part because anytime you can cut out the middle man you stand to make more money. In this case the middle man would be your local game stores.

So part DRM part money grab part customer service, it's a lot of trade offs and you have to decide what ones your willing to make.

For me Blizzard and Valve have done it right and I buy games from them. Once they decide to turn all evil empire on me I will complain a LOT and everyone will know about it. Until then they are OK in my book for now. On a side note, out of all the game consoles I own I refuse to do any sort of digital purchases anymore. They are so locked in it's just giving customers a middle finger.

Comment Re:Why not increase inverter charging rate ? (Score 1) 229

If I was trying to figure out a way around the problem, I would maybe resort to the way gas stations do it now.

Instead of a large tank in the ground holding gas you could have a large battery on site and charge the battery 24/7 or even buy the electricity cheaper at off peak times?

Then have onsite conversion to what ever you needed.

At least that is what my ignorant of all the facts solution would be.

Comment Re: Makes sense. (Score 2) 629

Well sort of both actually,

The people who made the phone need to make the updates, the carrier needs to push the update out on it's network for the phones.

In super rare cases you can download the update yourself and install it, but most of the time if your carrier doesn't push out the update your stuck.

Cynogen mod and other things like it are more likely to do updates for your device depending on what it is.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 135

Must suck balls to have limits so low... I have a Netflix account with 4 HD connections (4 TV's) and I average 450-500+ GB's a month is usage. Already past 153GB's for this month. (Loving this Gargoyle firmware on my router.)

Although I did read a story on here that Comcast was trying to merge with my current ISP Time Warner/Brighthouse. if that happens I may need to switch to Verizon's FiOS and uuugghhh I would rather cut off my testicles. Customer service is well shit... one time I had to cut about 200 feet of phone line they refused to bury in my yard, after calling them for 3-4 months straight I called them on my cell phone and told them to turn off my land line and swore they would never get another penny from me.

Comment It is 1080P (Score 1) 286

The game does run at 1080P in single player, the issue is that the game does not run at true 1080P in multi player.

I don't really see the issue myself, as much as I dislike Sony they probably should win this one.

Besides the whole issue will probably disappear in a couple of patches.... (everything is in beta these days.)

Comment Re:Nintendo Has an R&D Problem (Score 1) 203

Some developers are still making 360 and PS3 games, those are also PPC based systems.

So lots of tools and talent will be available for the only PPC platform going into the future.

I guess it depends on how you look at it. Yes going X86 has an advantage for easier PS4 and PC ports (Xbox One has "issues" so it requires a lot more effort that it looks like when your just considering the CPU arch alone.)

Another thing to consider, if I can get the port for my PC why would I need to buy a PS4 or an Xbox One? Last gen was bad enough with most of the great games released on the PC it felt pretty redundant to own a PS3. Now with easier ports... I am not sure I should even bother with the PS4 at all. I am already going to own a PC anyway, why not just spend the extra 400 bucks making it a gaming PC and enhance my PC experience at the same time.

Comment Re:So release your own video on demand... (Score 1) 200

I agree and think that cable companies having agreements should be illegal... but if Netflix gets so big that they can afford to lock in all the content like the cable companies are attempting to do that could be bad for us in the long haul. If there isn't good competition from the likes of Hulu or Amazon (I tried them and Amazon at least works...) and Crackle (also works great just with commercials which I can tolerate since it's free.)... I could see a day where Netflix decides to charge a lot more for the service.

Not saying they will do that, they seem pretty fair or at least I haven't heard of them doing anything evil. (Not saying they haven't done anything wrong it's just that if they did I didn't hear about it.)

Totally enjoying my Netflix and am considering upgrading my subscription for more streams. Sometimes 2 just isn't enough when the grandson comes to visit and I just can't watch another 3 hours of Sesame Street.... I think the Count is planning on raising an army of vampire/zombies/banshees to perform the trifecta of sucking my blood, eating my brains, and draining my soul. Leaving only my wallet for the cable companies to divvy up.

*Don't even get me started complaining about Hulu... So happy I got a free 30 days to try it out, although I canceled about 2 weeks into the trial due to it just totally not working on my PC or my Wii or my Wii-U. I managed to get it to stream 2 times over the two weeks I had it and was flabbergasted to see commercials on it. I figure delivering content and advertising would be pretty important if your going to charge for it.

Comment Re:So release your own video on demand... (Score 2) 200


But if that happened Comcast customers could be watching Time Warner content!!! How would they maintain the iron grip of a monopoly and give the illusion of competition in the marketplace!!! Oh the secret back room agreement we have to keep prices high you say??? Hmmm good point!!!

They had no incentive to bother with the expense of doing any sort of upgrades to anything, now that people are switching to Netflix in record numbers and they are losing some income (They are still profiting from customers who only get Internet from them.) just not the crazy "We just bought a gold plated diamond encrusted toilet because we could!!!" kind of money.

I hope Netflix continues kicking some ass at least for a few more years. Not enough to become bigger than the cable providers, that could be bad too.

Comment Paying for video content? (Score 2) 200

I guess if Netflix was doing something better than me at a cheaper price I would be worried about my customers demanding it too.

In a sense this is already happening, Netflix is charging me per month and it was so good that I stopped paying for cable. No commercials and for the small amount of time I actually spend watching TV in a given day it is totally worth it. So now Netflix gets my money and the Cable company does not. (Well they still provide network access.)

Comment Re:So a victim gets sued by victims? (Score 1) 66

It's part of the responsibility you take on when you hold your customers financial information too keep it secure.

Sony completely and utterly failed in nearly any aspect of that, it wasn't valued by them enough to even bother encrypting.

I would feel different if Sony had even tried to keep things secure, but as it is I don't feel sorry for them at all.

If this had been a physical crime as you say, then yes the victim would be liable for the property they where holding. If I loan you my chainsaw and your house gets robbed... guess what? You can bet your ass your buying me a chainsaw. (Used or new would depend on the condition of the one I loaned you.)

I would feel bad for you if you kept your doors locked and did everything right, I would still need my stuff though. I would feel a lot less bad if I found out after the fact that you took all the locks off your house and told the local street gangs you where going to be out of town for a week....

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