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Comment: Re:Two universes, probably (Score 1) 393

by JDeane (#46677745) Attached to: Why Are We Made of Matter?

I think the edge of the universe is just unrealized potential, or grasping at straws another way... lol

I always think of the edge of the expansion like Schrodinger cat, it neither exists or doesn't exist until you go there, then it exists and would be part of normal space.

P.S. I am not a physics expert by any means.

Comment: Probably due to spin (Score 1) 393

by JDeane (#46677543) Attached to: Why Are We Made of Matter?

The beginning probably had a spin one way or another that predisposed one type of matter VS the other.

The effect was probably small, but over the vast space and energies involved that small difference made a giant outcome.

Butterfly effect and all that.

This would be my completely uneducated guess. Physics persons can freely rip on me as an idiot lol Please when ripping on me, tell me something in terms an idiot would understand though, I do enjoy learning some things. Especially the why of things! :)

One of my other stupid persons theories, maybe energy just likes to form matter under the right conditions and when matter and anti matter meet they create energy and this destruction and creation cycle trended to making the universe just matter.

Comment: Re:Nobody cares (Score 1) 194

by JDeane (#46439625) Attached to: Ars Technica Reviews Leaked Windows 8.1 Update

Naaahh I was running a Pentium D (dual core Pentium 4 pretty much.) 3.6Ghz OC'ed to 4Ghz on a 1,066Mhz bus with 8GB's of RAM (4 full slots)
for Video I want to say I was still running my antique at the time 9800 Pro 128MB but I was probably running an X1950 either at launch or shortly after.

That was back in 2006 back when if you wanted a gaming PC you needed to upgrade your PC every 2 years.

So no I am not looking back with 2014 glasses lol But hey if you just got a PC with lots of RAM and a decent video card... welcome to my world circa 2006 I guess? lol (I will not bother with the specs of my current machine, lets just say Windows 7 runs like a champ.)

Yes I had better specs than your average user, and I also enjoyed a much better experience with Vista than your average user too.

Comment: Re:Nobody cares (Score 1) 194

by JDeane (#46439375) Attached to: Ars Technica Reviews Leaked Windows 8.1 Update

I loved Vista, but I also beefed up my machine before it launched with an extra 4GB's of RAM and a better video card (brought me up to 8GB's).

Mostly the people who hated Vista had 4GB's or less of RAM and shitty video cards, toss in some off brand sound card with no driver support and no Direct Sound (MS removed it from Direct X for some odd reason. I have heard rumors it was some sort of feud with Creative?)

At launch with Vista you needed 8GB's to fully enjoy it, and if you did have 8GB's it was a buttery smooth OS. One of the features I do miss when I moved on to 7 was the animated desktop wall papers (I have heard you can "hack" them back into 7 but I don't haven't tried it.)

Comment: Re:Nobody cares (Score 1) 194

by JDeane (#46436833) Attached to: Ars Technica Reviews Leaked Windows 8.1 Update

"Windows 9 will be a refined balanced UI. Tile applets on a Windows 7 desktop if you plug in the keyboard and mouse (mouse-first UI) if rumors are true. MS nees an answer to iOS and Android with battery life, smooth graphics acceleration, and applets. It is NOT GOING AWAY."

Honestly if Metro doesn't go away, I will... lol

Away to Linux or Android...

That will be a while though as they will have to pry Windows 7 from my cold dead hands.

It's pretty sad, I do love me some Windows and I have been using it for a long long time since the 3.11 days, I even liked Windows ME. But I just can't love Windows 8 and it's abomination of a UI. I can't count how many times I have installed Classic Shell in Windows 8 machines because the owners couldn't stand Metro.

I am sure it is fantastic on a tablet though? I have an Android tablet so yeah.... I am already in the process of ditching Windows :( If my PC didn't function as my home server and general PC work, I would probably be trying to figure out some way to go Android PC right now.

Comment: Insecure but secure enough to keep most people out (Score 1) 445

by JDeane (#46307219) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do You Manage Your Passwords?

What I use is a text file on a thumb drive also backed up on several local drives.

The text file contains the first half or so of the password, enough to remind me of what the password is should I forget. The rest is stored in my brain.

For rarely used passwords and places I will put a hint under the half pass.

I am trying to get away from these long 20 character passwords though... I really wish some one would invent a better system. Maybe a thumb drive that combines storage and a thumb print scanner in one package.

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