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Comment Re:Nintendo (Score 1) 75

I disagree.

Doom was pretty much the only shooter that actually sucked me in all three times.The way the game was handled made people playing doom 3 for the first time in the dark scream. Portal 1 and 2 and mel are also a good indicator of a departure from the online player madness that is ruling the development of games.

Some of us don't like what you like.And that's why I look forward to the new game that will be what I like. Don't know why I have to be called an idiot because I like them, but in all fairness that's what I do call people playing gears of war or warcruft, or whatever the crap is called.

Comment Suggestion (Score 2) 1825

I read. I do not listen, or watch on the web.

Please focus on science and tech - no more videos, no more polls.

Everything that's been added on from the original /. chased people away.

I don't want a mobile or tablet experience. I want articles submitted by geeks, for geeks.

I don't need fancy layouts, I don't need dancing icons - heck, I adblock story icons because I just want text.

Oh, and an edit feature - give me a "Oh shit" minute timer to fix typos.

Comment Re:It was the first standard for video? (Score 1) 406

And if you don't have at least a dual-monitor setup, you're doing it wrong.

I have a dual-monitor setup at work (one at 1680x1050 and the other at 1440x900 or so, both somewhere near 20") and a single-monitor setup at home (28" 4K). I think the single 4K monitor is more useful than two lower-res monitors, and it takes up less space (as in it still fits on the smaller desk at home).

Comment Re:It was the first standard for video? (Score 1) 406

You're not kidding. Consider this tripe from TFA:

"One of the first computers with built-in video output, the Apple II, simply threw a lot of CPU time at a character generator, a shift register, and a few other bits of supporting circuitry to write memory to a video output."

The Apple II wasted no CPU time on graphics. Memory access was interleaved between the CPU and the video hardware; the video hardware (a bunch of 74LSxx logic, eventually reduced to two chips in the IIe and then one chip in the IIGS) was entirely responsible for drawing the screen contents based on the contents of the frame buffers and some softswitches.

With that error right off the bat, I didn't bother continuing with the article. The author is the Howard Zinn of computer history, if this is an accurate indication of his output.

That this is coming from Hackaday is troubling. Aren't they usually better than this?

Comment Re:Well, that was surprisingly boring. (Score 1) 62

Tried out this code in an Apple II emulator:

10 I=0
20 I=I+1:PRINT I
30 GOSUB 20

It gets to 25 before bombing out with an out-of-memory error. Assuming that it's using the processor's 256-byte stack and not some other chunk of memory, the "out-of-memory" condition more than likely is a stack overflow.

Comment Why is there a charge? (Score 1) 186

We pay for the police.
We pay for the infrastructure.
We pay for their equipment.
We pay for the cams.
We pay for all the support.
We pay for all of he bandwidth.

Knowing the above - we should file for an immediate release of what we pay for with no added cost. And we should drag that case all of the way up tot he supreme court if we have to.

And we should penalize the pensions to pay for the court case from any asshat that protests.

Comment Re: Netflix? Try the studios instead (Score 1) 106

when you compare apples to carbon steel rods, you might note a bunch of people looking strangely at you.

Comparing wikipedia to netflix is beyond stupid. So much so that people are wondering if there's actually a brain there, or just carbon and trace materials. If you need a team to see if there was arson involved just twitch.

Comment Re:Netflix? Try the studios instead (Score 2) 106

Wait , What?

I like netflix because I pay for no commercials while watching TV.

That's why I don't pay for cable or satellite or watch broadcast television.

Sounds to me like I'm supposed to cheerlead against netflix providing me that because there's region codes and regulatory stuff. I'm not going to do that. I get the fact that I can't have what europe watches because I live in the US.I also get the fact that europe might want to watch a show the US puts out.

All I can say is please don't screw up my paying for a service because it gets shut down by people breaking the rules. I'm content with what I get.

Comment Re:Europe, land of the sheep and chickenshit (Score 0, Troll) 460

Forcing people into dept so they can get an education.

Nobody forced you to sign on the dotted line for the loan to fund your $55k/year Critical Queer Trans Women's Studies degree that rendered you less fit for a career asking people "you want fries with that?" than you were before you went in. It's your fault you didn't look into more cost-effective options which you might've been able to pay as you go, or at least rack up a smaller, more easily paid-off pile of debt. It's your fault you picked a worthless degree with no real-world applicability. Why should I (with the computer-science degree from a state school) and others like me (not to mention all of the millions who found gainful employment without a degree in the trades, the military, or whatever) have to finance your poor choices?

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