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Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1165

Annnd this is exactly what mod points are NOT for. They are not "I agree with you" tokens.

"That's just like, your opinion, man."

Seriously, I'll use my mod points however the fuck I like, Mr Mod Point Policeman.

My, how this site has changed.

Believe it or not, there actually used to be an automated meta-moderation system that checked to make sure you were using your mod points in the appropriate way. The Slashdot FAQs still talk about it, but I haven't seen it in a while.

Anyone know why it left or if it is still happening?

Comment Re:The problem of Microsoft (Score 2) 337

You mentioned free software being license free, but what about Apple now that their OS and their office suite is free? I'm not familiar with Apple support contracts, so maybe there is more to it.

How will things play out now that Microsoft is the only one charging for OS and office suites? I'm sure they can hold on for quite a while, but the landscape is pretty interesting right now.

Comment Something Needed Everywhere (Score 1) 509

Finance, IT... something that is needed in at least some small part in every company. Every company needs someone to keep the books. As companies get bigger, every company needs some bit of IT.

Every company needs management as well, but those type of jobs seem to be less stable. It is more difficult to "fire / reorganize away" a doer than a manager in an organization.

If you get into something more specific like Mechanical Engineer, your options begin to be more limited (less jobs in smaller cities)... but your pay goes way up!

Comment Re:Strict government control is not good (Score 1) 519

2. Strict controls distract the teachers ...

3. Strict controls in the form of standardized curricula, teaching methods and tests stifle creativity and innovation...

4. Strict controls disempower the teachers...

Wouldn't tenure mean there are no strict controls over teachers? Wouldn't it mean they can use their best judgement in teaching rather than worry about being fired for not following the strict controls?

Isn't that the point of tenure in higher education? You have more freedom to be creative because you don't have to worry about being fired?

Comment Re:danger will robinson (Score 5, Interesting) 688

I completely disagree with this. It is way more important to break stuff up first, that way when you get to the quick and simple method, you know what is going on underneath. I have a 2nd grader who's been doing common core now for a couple years and I'm seeing this stuff every day.

First, they are showing how these numbers break down. They are getting these minds to break things apart into their parts. They can see what makes up these numbers. They are showing them the tricks you can do to shift numbers around, and pull things apart. They are getting their minds a deeper view of numbers.

They did the same thing with language. They treated spelling a lot like math. Their spelling words were mostly NOT memorized. They applied rules to words. Some of these rules got complicated, but it was a formula to break words apart and apply rules. Think about it, how dumb is it to just memorize every word in English, when 80% are rule driven... just memorize the last 20%. Their spelling tests had a section on the 20% that could only be memorized.

I'm surprised every day that slashdotters don't praise common core. I'm guessing it is because they see a single example and aren't seeing the big picture that us parents see. They are driving these little minds to logic!

Comment Off site backups + Home Owners Insurance (Score 4, Insightful) 408

1) Very consistent off site backups for data
2) Full inventory of items you own
3) If theft occurs, use home owners insurance to get your money back. You'll probably end up with a free hardware upgrade in the process.

What is better?
a) 100% chance of giving up your time and money now securing your items.
b) (very low)% chance of having to give up time if a theft does occur

The cost of securing your items may balance out any deductibles you have to pay to have home owners insurance cover the lost items.

Comment Re:Editorial (Score 1) 475

Let's not redefine bandwidth please.

Your post is the first time I've ever heard the term bandwidth referring to a unit of time as long as a month. Almost always, bandwidth is described with the time unit of "second" when talking internet connection rates.

Also, almost always, transfer caps use the time unit of month.

The poster you replied to knows this. What would a lifetime cap of 300 GB even mean? They cancel your account after 300 GB?

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