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Submission + - Duo Sets Texting World Record, Incurs $26,000 bill->

JBHarris writes: "While attempting to set a texting world record, two Pennsylvania men traded over 200,000 text messages in a single month, over 7,00 per day. Despite having 'unlimited texting' service from T-Mobile, a billing glitch resulted in a $26,000 bill. From the article: "Andes very nearly paid a steep price for the stunt — despite 'unlimited texting' on his cell phone plan, he received a thick itemized bill for $26,000 from his service provider [T-Mobile].""
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Submission + - Top Ten Junk Science Examples in 2006?

JBHarris writes: "According to an article on FoxNews.com (linked from JunkScience.com), this was a terrific year for 'junk science'. Among the claims of the author, global warming as outlined in 'An Inconvinient Truth' is a farse, and that the 'Al Gore-smitten' media largely ignored a report declaring 'Cosmic Rays' as a more likely source of global warming than man-made CO2 emissions. He goes on to list the 10 most notable 'Junk Science' events of 2006. If nothing else, it is a terrific way to see the how so many American's can still think these problems aren't real, and continue to live in denial.

From the Article:
It's time again for JunkScience.com's review of the most notable junk science events of the year — a "top 10" list that may sometimes make you think that the year 1007, rather than 2007, is just around the corner.
And continues with:
So despite the relentless march of junk scientists, particularly with respect to global warming, let's be grateful that the DDT ban has finally been lifted. We'll tackle Al Gore and his climate groupies next year.

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