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Journal: Rejected submission. 2

Journal by J0hn Carm4ck

Can't believe they rejected this:

Subject: Sucking Huge Cock For Charity

I, John Carmack, shall be sucking huge cock for charity over the weekend.

I am having the specialist rocco-si-freddy 'come over' from france so I can get some real pink machine gun action.

So my poll question is:

How often should I induce vomitting to empty my stomach of all that spunk?

a) Every ten minutes
b) When it starts leaking out of my ass
c) When I'm gagging on it
d) Don't induce, drown you faggot

Thanks for any help slashdot!

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Journal: Sniff my anus

Journal by J0hn Carm4ck
Well, lets all play nice here and keep the comments to the popular topics of homophobia and dildo related bukake movies.

Logic is a pretty flower that smells bad.