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Comment: NetReg (Score 1) 188

by NetFiber (#13090303) Attached to: What's On Your Network?
I'm a student at UCONN. The admins in our shop use this piece of software called NetReg (orig. from Southwestern University [netreg.org]) to register all network enabled devices. Unregistered devices are thrown in a restricted 10.x.x.x subnet and forced to register before they are allowed to receive a dynamically assigned public IP address. To prevent network abuse via manually assigned static IP address, servers routinely scan the network for IP's not dynamically assigned and MAC address tied to public IP's that are not registered. In the event an unregistered device is discovered with a public IP, the admins shutdown the switchport and the student/faculty is forced to call our call center. This seems to prevent a lot of headaches.

Journal: Troll Slaying Roundup 3

Journal by Troll Blacklist
I apologize for the time between entries, but as many of you know, CmdrTaco has now all but eliminated trolling on Slashdot - and deserves our thanks for all his hard work! However a recent upsurge in trolling over the last four months has created some changes in the Master Troll Blacklist, and I'll document some of these changes for you now.
  • Fortknox - Beloved by many, Josh Marotti recently announced that he is in fact a
User Journal

Journal: Answering the Mailbag 9

Journal by Troll Blacklist

miagfmu writes:

To: TrollBlacklist HinduHome.com
Subject: Non-troll request


I was looking at your list and am about to sign up. But, I saw a friend-of-a-friend
on the list, and thought it might not be such a great idea.


Journal: Curbing Slashdot Abuse 1

Journal by Troll Blacklist
Like many web based discussion boards, Slashdot has a small vocal minority of abusive and disruptive users. Many of these users spend hours online attempting to harass and provoke normal Slashdot users. CmdrTaco et al have devised a trust referral system which allows users to mark bad accounts and assign them a penalty. This account in particular has a running list of ALL of Slashdot's worst abusive users. You can leverage this account to 'block out' this i

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