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Comment: Re:I'll enjoy this.... (Score 1) 525

by argStyopa (#47406777) Attached to: Foxconn Replacing Workers With Robots

Not sure how this materially affects the main point.
Sure, it won't be $15/hour until 2017.
Do you think the cost of electronics/processing power/etc will go up or down over that time?

If anything, that $15/hour job (=$30k/year) will buy a far more capable robot in 2017 than today, so replacing that person will be even more attractive. For $30k/year you can have:
- a high-efficiency robot that is able to work 24/7 (ok call it pessimistically 20 hours a day assuming significant maintenance downtime), can be instantly programmed fleet-wide to conform to new standards/processes perfectly, or
- a low-intelligence, low-motivation, nearly-skill-less slacker who not only can work very limited hours in a day, but also wants vacation, smoke breaks, toilet breaks, will forget to wash their hands (e coli for everyone!), and will eventually whinge that they need more money, more benefits, and nicer uniforms before quitting the moment they ever develop any actual positive work habits, motivation, or determination?

Compelling choices, indeed.

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by argStyopa (#47398477) Attached to: When Beliefs and Facts Collide

Curious that you rant about stupid/ignorant people, yet ignore the direct refutation of your own statement. Et tu, Democrat?

You said: "The Republican Party won't have you."
I illustrated that not only am I in the party, I'm an active and positive participant.
But please, don't let facts get in the way of your quasi-religious beliefs.

FWIW, the Left cheerfully ignores science when it wants to as well. Shall we talk about GM foods? Nuclear power?

But I understand. The world is much, much simpler when you can just castigate people who disagree with you as "stupid", right?

Comment: Re:There's belief, there's facts and there's polit (Score 1) 688

by argStyopa (#47397201) Attached to: When Beliefs and Facts Collide

"But you can't. The Republicans won't have you."

I believe in human induced climate change, and I'm a Republican - in fact, I''ve been a delegate to the last 3 conventions.

What was your point again?

I'd be curious to hear/meet any Democratic delegates who DIDN'T believe in anthropogenic climate change?

Comment: well, of course (Score 1) 551

..if Louis del Monte says so, it +must+ be true.
I mean, it's not as if he is resurrecting a science fiction trope that's been extensively explored in hundreds, if not thousands of science fiction novels and short stories before this, right?

We need panic, and we need it now people.

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by argStyopa (#47376705) Attached to: Senate Budgetmakers Move To End US Participation In ITER

You strike me as the kind of guy who has a 100k salary, commits to buying a house with payments of $10k a month and then tells his wife to "stop WASTING all our money buying a lottery ticket for $1" ...just because it's "mandatory" spending doesn't mean the promise was a wise one in the first place.

Comment: Re:for christ sake stop comparing things to NASA (Score 2) 225

by argStyopa (#47376165) Attached to: Senate Budgetmakers Move To End US Participation In ITER

You mistakenly (or disingenuously) left out that you only list 'discretionary' spending.

Mandatory spending - 2/3 of the budget - has bigger numbers:

Social Security -- $860 billion budgeted, and $852 billion was spent.
Medicare --$524 billion budgeted, $513 billion spent.
Medicaid --$304 billion budgeted, $308 billion spent.
Interest payments on national debt -- $223 billion budgeted and spent.
All other (mostly social programs like unemployment, etc.) -- $497 billion budgeted, $560 billion spent

Essentially, 'social spending' is nearly $2 trillion.

So while I understand the clearly political motivation behind the list you made, if we say spending explains our priorities, what does this do to your tendentious conclusion?

Comment: Re:Praise Thor for this Ruling! (Score 1) 1308

by argStyopa (#47371393) Attached to: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Religious Objections To Contraception

I'd agree, and even say it's beyond being simply limited to religion as well.

If Mary wants to run her business where everyone wears knit woolen stocking caps all day, that's her choice....even if it's silly. If you start working there, and that's laid out in the hiring discussion, then if you don't want to wear a silly hat, you shouldn't work there.

Regardless of if she does it in obeisance to an imaginary god, or because she loves Jayne from Firefly - doesn't matter.

Then again, I *personally* believe that one can have a club with all-men, or a college with only women, or an organization of only black people and the government has no constitutional right to interfere and force the former to accept women or the latter to accept whites. Crazy me.

Comment: Congrats EU (Score 1) 238

by argStyopa (#47371305) Attached to: Following EU Ruling, BBC Article Excluded From Google Searches

Well, you got what you wanted - a right to be forgotten.

So while John the unfairly-maligned ex-husband can have all the nasty stuff his ex-wife said about him deleted from searches, so can Jim the pedophile, Jeff the corrupt politicians, and Jerry the worthless CEO.

In fact, this ruling has in a sense undermined the entire value of the internet where it comes to the power of journalism and public voice.

I guess it's worth it?

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