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+ - Veteran Rock Performers Against 3-Strike rule->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "As Australia prepares to consider implementing a 3-strike rule, veteran rock performers in the UK have published a full page ad stating that they are against the 3-strike rule and believe it to be backward thinking. They want the music industry to come up with more interesting, novel, approaches to sell music. We, the consumers seem onboard to new business models, the artists seem open to new business models, which just leaves the middlemen. How long is it going to take them to wake up?"
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Comment: Re:That Analogy Falls Apart (Score 1) 917

by Ithaca_nz (#29293073) Attached to: Sending Astronauts On a One-Way Trip To Mars

Try tracing back random pieces of modern technology to all of their component parts/materials, and all of those's component parts/materials, and so forth, with the components needed for manufacturing/refining along the way, and if any of those are consumable, trace those back.

Little bit off-topic but directly related to this, find the book The Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance. It covers all the technology and industries that had to spring up in order to make and mass produce a simple pencil. Fascinating read.

Comment: Re:Depends on how much money you have to put down. (Score 1) 548

by Ithaca_nz (#28831179) Attached to: What is your least favorite industry to deal with?

I live in New Zealand, similar health system to Canada. I broke my pinky finger a few months ago, late-ish on a Saturday night - busy time for the drunks and so forth attending the emergency department. 45 minutes in and out, x-ray'd, splinted and with follow up appointment booked. A few weeks later I started seeing a hand therapist to make sure all the mobility came back, total of 6 visits.

No private health insurance, total cost to myself: $0

I travel to the states regularly for work (medical devices, so I see it from the inside as well) and carry a travel insurance card with at *all* times. I will not leave the hotel without it. The last thing I want is to fall down some stairs and break a leg, and then go through your healthcare system without insurance. The second to last thing is to go through your healthcare system at all - remember I see it from the inside as well. Not a great reputation for a country to have with it's visitors, really.

Comment: Re:I hate photorealism in video games (Score 1) 506

by Ithaca_nz (#28643219) Attached to: What's the Importance of Graphics In Video Games?

Just in case you haven't found it, try

I'm currently reliving my childhood, to the detriment of my adulthood, but ah well, plenty of time to be old later. Also Steam has a large number of smaller indie titles as well as the time-consuming AAA titles, not least of which is the old LucasArts games, with more to come.

Comment: Re:But MS doesn't want to totally disable autorun (Score 2, Informative) 290

by Ithaca_nz (#26556039) Attached to: US-CERT Says Microsoft's Advice On Downadup Worm Bogus
1. If autorun is running an arbitrary executable on removable media just because, then yes, I would consider it one of the more idiotic ideas that has come up. 2. If autorun is running a known application already installed on the PC when a recognised device type is connected, then no it's not the "dumbest idea ever". There's no technical reason that you need (1) active to support (2). Whether there is a way to separately disable them in Windows is another question. (anyone have an answer to that?)

+ - RIAA Must Pay Attorney Fees of $68,685.23

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The RIAA has lost its first case against a file-sharer accused of copyright infringement. The court has granted the defendant a total of $68,685.23. Has the RIAA given up? Not quite, according to a statement provided to"

+ - World's smallest RFID microchip created

Submitted by zemien
zemien (945253) writes "The world's smallest RFID microchip with a built-in antenna has been successfully developed under the Malaysia Microchip (MM) Project. The smallest version measures 0.7 millimetres by 0.7 millimetres.

The chip, which cost US$50mil (RM180mil) to develop, uses Japanese technology and is the first with multi-band frequencies. The microchip is so tiny that it can be embedded on paper. Each chip has its own serial number.

The Malaysian Government plans to start embedding it in marriage certificates, and maybe even bank cheques and university diplomas. Another hope is to replace the barcodes in baggage handling systems with the chip. Is the Malaysian government's faith in RFID chips to provide authentication and security misplaced? Or logical?"

+ - Amazing New Pictures of Spacecraft Above Mars

Submitted by
sighted writes "The European Space Agency's Rosetta probe, en route to a distant encounter with a comet, buzzed by Barsoom yesterday and took some striking and unusual pictures, including one that shows its own solar panel with Mars in the background. As it passed by the planet, Rosetta briefly took back up to six the number of active robotic missions exploring Mars, four in space and two on the ground."

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