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+ - Pirates are made of straw

Submitted by
Itchyeyes writes "Over the last decade the music industry has all but imploded. Yet we see the film and video game industries following right along in their footsteps today. Evil Avatar Analysts has an article discussing why the game industry needs to avoid these traps, and what they should be focusing on instead. From the article:

A recent study claimed that the US gaming industry lost nearly $4 billion in 2004, 40% of the total $9.9 billion spent on games in the US that year. The gaming industry is basing these numbers on the same false logic as the music industry does though. They count every instance of piracy as a lost sale. As a result, we get people in the industry, like Todd Hollenshead, spreading the doom and gloom message of how piracy is ruining the industry. Like the RIAA's numbers though, these just don't add up.

+ - Does anyone still doubt a media bias against games

Submitted by
Itchyeyes writes "Yesterday the FTC released an study detailing the ability of the film and video game industries to self regulate. Among the report's primary findings were that sales of 'M' rated games to minors fell by over 50% between 2000 and 2006. Despite these findings, this is the headline that the New York Times decided to use for their article covering the study:

Report Says the Young Buy Violent Video Games and Movies

Despite video games take a primary place in the headline, the nearly 1000 word article devotes only 3 lines to the findings on video games. It devotes the remainder of the article to films, which fared much worse in the FTC's report.

If this isn't the definition of a 'media bias', I don't know what is."
XBox (Games)

+ - The Purpose of the Xbox 360

Submitted by
Itchyeyes writes "Today, Microsoft officially announced the Xbox 360 elite, one of the worst kept secrets in gaming for the past couple of months. Details include a black case, 120gb hard drive, an HDMI cable, and a $479 price point. So far the reaction by fans an critics alike has been pretty lukewarm. There is one comment that I've seen on several sites that pretty well encompasses most peoples' feelings on the new SKU. Just who is this product aimed at? What was Microsoft's purpose in releasing this new SKU?"

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