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+ - Big Bang or Big Bounce?->

Submitted by It doesn't come easy
It doesn't come easy (695416) writes "Could we be getting closer to testable predictions concerning the state of our Universe at its birth? According to New Scientist, possibly. A relatively new application of the theory of Loop Quantum Gravity, called Loop Quantum Cosmology (or LQC), has been successful in modeling the well known (or at least widely accepted) condition of the Universe well after the point at which Inflation would have ended while at the same time does not require the Big Bang's singularity. The scientists which developed the computer model also expect to come up with "robust predictions" (unlike everyone's favorite string theory) in the next two years."
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+ - Simple gadget to boost fuel economy? 1

Submitted by It doesn't come easy
It doesn't come easy (695416) writes "Do we finally have a honest-to-goodness simple addon gismo that will significantly boost fuel ecomomy? From the article: Researchers at Temple University in Pennsylvania have developed a small electrorheological device that, when inserted into the fuel line near the fuel injector, can improve fuel economy. In tests results reported in a study scheduled for the 19 November issue of the journal Energy & Fuels, they show an 18.8% increase in fuel mileage in a Mercedes-Benz diesel sedan in highway driving."

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