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Comment If it were fair... (Score 1) 239

...then the profits made from mining an asteroid would be split based on who funded the cost of the mining: For example, if public funds accounted for 10% of the funding (such as through government development contracts or subsidized launch costs, to name just a few possibilities), then 10% of the profits should be returned to the taxpayers via payments back to the government (at the state or federal level as appropriate).

Comment There are accounts with unlimited access (Score 4, Insightful) 622

Example, calls within the US. I have not paid "long distance" charges in years. On the other hand, everyone accepts the idea of paying for electricity at different tiers of usage. Of course, (at least where I live) there is a lot of competition between middle men (the actual producers are still heavily regulated). I would predict that there would be a lot less resistance to tiered internet usage IF we had true competition.

Comment Re:And probably infinite (Score 1) 235


My experience with predominately three dimensional entities tells me that when they say that the universe is infinite in size, they are referring to the length, breath, and width of the "normal" dimensions they are used to dealing with. It is quite possible to have a multidimensional universe that is infinite in a few of the dimensions without being infinite in all of them.

You have to look at the big picture (so to speak).

Comment Re:Nothing? (Score 1) 429

And to add ...

At the heart of their thinking is Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. This allows a small empty space to come into existence probabilistically due to fluctuations in what physicists call the metastable false vacuum. When this happens, there are two possibilities. If this bubble of space does not expand rapidly, it disappears again almost instantly.

So, along with quantum fluctuations of "nothing", we also have to include time with this explanation. But, according to Einstein time is an integral part of the space-time know, that stuff that was created by the big bang...

Note to theorists, the cart goes in the back...

Comment Re:Random observation, on Google vs. Apple payment (Score 1) 265

Not to defend CurrentC (I'm not), but I read that in order to be a part of the MCX consortium a retailer had to sign a three year contract not to use any other mobile pay system. I wouldn't be surprised if this played some part in turning off Apple Pay functionality.

Not to say that would also explain why Google Wallet was accepted up until Apple Pay went live...because it doesn't...

Comment Comet? (Score 1) 84

Yet another possibility is that a comet may have hit the Earth, dumping the extra carbon-14 in the atmosphere. But astronomers have ruled that out on the basis that a comet carrying enough carbon-14 must have been over 100 km in diameter and would surely have left other evidence such as an impact crater.

Not to mention completely obliterating all higher forms of life on the planet, you know, like astronomers...

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