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Comment: Re:NASA Need New Motive (Score 1) 146

by Issarlk (#47392209) Attached to: NASA Approves Production of Most Powerful Rocket Ever
Not sure it'd work ; too many people starts denying climate change... It would be easier if Martian threatened to sell their oil for Euro or Yuan instead of dollars. The USA military would be there in a couple years top, inventing whatever fable that satisfies the public to justify the war.

Comment: Re:Mother Russia... (Score 1) 155

by Issarlk (#47209653) Attached to: Getting the Most Out of the Space Station (Before It's Too Late)
Russians scraped their space shuttle equivalent after one flight because they had no use for it (instead of using it, to the cost of untold number of billions $ like the US did). Russians are pragmatic, why would they launch a space station while the ISS is still in orbit?
Besides, they've done it before, remember Mir ?

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