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Comment: Re:The Natural Suspicion... (Score 1) 99

by Israfels (#36559392) Attached to: Lawsuit Claims Sony Canned Security Staff Just Before Data Breach

I fired our janitors and two weeks later the place was a mess. The janitors did it!
I fired the police and two weeks later crime rates were sky high. The police are the culprits!

It all depends on what Sony did to keep security up after it fired the workers. If they didn't replace them with at least temporary contractors or IT people from other departments, then they intentionally left their guard down. Strike when the guard is down. Just because the events occurred near each other is circumstantial. If I was working on penetrating Sony's systems, I'd increase my attempts if the security department just got laid off too.

Comment: Re:He got notified? (Score 1) 404

by Israfels (#35961922) Attached to: Sony Sued For PlayStation Network Data Breach

I'm sure most people don't mind occasional outages. In this situation, however, you're paying for many services linked to a PSN account and not only are you not getting the service promised, but they're hiding the fact that your personal information has been compromised. This is a step below bait and switch. instead of a lower quality service, they're providing an unservice. Deliberately hiding knowledge of the loss of private data for this long is at the LEAST a fine.

Losses suffered don't have to be financial. The loss of security can be costly. In this day in age when identify theft can wreak havoc, having personal information floating around the internet can be difficult and expensive to monitor and defend against. The damage is the loss of a secure identity, at a minimum.

I don't have a PSN account, I'm just following this story out of interest in security practices.

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