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Comment: Do What You Love (Score 2) 376

by Isquiesque (#48491417) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: IT Career Path After 35?

Do what you love and are good at doing. A lot of people in management are definitely not cut out to be managers. (At least where I work) people tend to get promoted into roles of supervision and management because they're good problem solvers, but being a manager involves a completely different skill set. If you enjoy supporting people and teams, making it easier for them to do their work, getting them the information that they need, ensuring they have the professional development and work environment to thrive... then yeah, work on becoming a manager. If you like what you're doing and you're in high demand... then keep doing that. Don't fix what isn't broken.

Comment: Re:Simple (Score 5, Insightful) 720

by Isquiesque (#48487237) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Making a 'Wife Friendly' Gaming PC?

I love how this thread is increasingly turning into a gender thing, when in fact this issue could come up with any roommate. Or even in reverse...

My computer's noise was driving my husband up the wall recently. So after a fair amount of pestering from him I finally armed myself with some canned air and carried the system out to the patio, opened up the case, and found... that it was fairly clean inside. All I really needed to do was clean the air intakes on the *exterior* of the case. It was that simple and took seconds. The noise level dropped considerably. It went from being all we could hear in the living room to running near-silent.

So clean the outside. If that doesn't work, open 'er up and dust. And then yeah, if that doesn't work, I think this comment above is great. Consider a case with better airflow and/or different fans. I also can't say enough good things about having your OS on a SSD -- far quieter and much quicker. I did that on my latest build and it's fantastic; well worth the trouble of reconfiguring your files.

Comment: Photos for Inspiration (Score 1) 1186

by Isquiesque (#32726876) Attached to: Tattoos For the Math and Science Geek?
It's near impossible to wade through all the things that have already been posted, but in case you're looking for a visual library of inspiration, I recommend checking out evolutionary biologist/science writer Carl Zimmer's Science Tattoo Emporium:

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