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by Isosonys (#32191208) Attached to: Amazon Cross site scripting? Other sites that feed off Amazon data are now picking up the code. What I think happened an Amazon editor installed the "camelizer" plug-in and some how Amazon's editor tool included the plug-in data?

+ - Amazon Cross site scripting?-> 1

Submitted by Isosonys
Isosonys (589846) writes " and a number of it's sister sites .uk, .jp and .de have some kind of new tab showing on the left hand side of the page. It links to a site that I'm going to guess some how cross scripted with code from the website. You can see it happening here"
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+ - Amazon embedding price tracking?->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Price tracker Camelcamelcamel started showing up as native functionality on Amazon product pages earlier this evening. I emailed the 3C folks to ask if they were partnering with Amazon, but they said they have no idea what's going on and it looks like a mistake to them. Perhaps an Amazon Dev is accidentally pasting Camelizer code into product pages without realizing it? Screenshot if/when it goes down located here."
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