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by Isaac-Lew (#45104405) Attached to: Shuttleworth: Apple Will Merge Mac and iPhone

At some point, the CPU's built into phones will be powerful enough to handle most desktop applications for businesses without a noticeable performance hit. We're not quite there yet, though. Maybe in three or four more years, perhaps.

The application doesn't necessarily have to be installed locally on the device (think Google Apps or Office 365).

+ - Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years-> 1

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An anonymous reader writes "After a long and protracted trial, Judge Denise Lind has handed down a sentence in the Bradley Manning case: 35 years and a dishonorable discharge. Manning initially faced a maximum sentence of 135 years, which was reduced to 90 years when Manning was found not guilty of Espionage Act offenses and certain other charged were merged. He has already served over 1000 days in prison, and his sentence will be reduced by 1,274 days."
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by Isaac-Lew (#43832439) Attached to: Microsoft Files Dispute Against Current Owner of

I have had domains for private services such as databases(accepts request only from a list of IP's), file servers, and messaging services. I also use them for dynamic addresses.

My general rule of thumb as far as user id's: If your id is higher then mine I will give you toss it up to the member being young and ignorant about a topic when they overlook something simple. If there id is lower then mine they should be at least my age, and have a decent background on technology and its history as they lived it.

Why didn't you use subdomains (for example, as an alternative to purchasing & registering a full domain?

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My recommendation would be to try several different distros in virtual machines until you come across one you like, then do a clean install (or a v2p if you're well versed in virtualization). Even after picking a primary distro, you'll probably want to keep a couple of vm's with different Linux flavors around in case you apply for a job where they use a different distro from what you're running at home.

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