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Comment: Re:Game fairness (Score 2) 252

by Isaac Remuant (#47062361) Attached to: Blizzard Sues <em>Starcraft II</em> Cheat Creators

the amount of gamers who are willing to forget the law and their best interests (and specially in a supposedly hacker friendly community like slashdot) for the sake of "punishing those cheaters that ruin my fun" is staggering.

With people like this, who don't know what's best for all of us, it's no wonder we fucked again and again by politicians.

Comment: Re:its just an attempt at damage control (Score 1) 261

elections will go the same way as ever. You'll get 2 candidates and any other one will get trashed because "he's not going to win".

Those 2 candidates will be mercilessly attacked by each camp to to pander to their own. People will vote for the economy or X social issue (or fear of "The others") and the policies will stay pretty much the fucking same as they were.

Depending on the image and party of the president we might see more outrage or opposition to certain things but it will be mostly posturing (see all the liberal bush attackers who ended up hailing Obama for the very same things, or worse).

Comment: Re:Stop policing! (Score 1) 261

Bullshit. There may be some idiots online who suggest things like that but basing yourselves on these to engage in whatever military action that advances your interests is disingenuous.

You're not policing Bahrain nor many other of your allied countries when there are cries for help so don't pretend the US Government gives a fuck about people asking "why don't you stop it".

Comment: Re:History... (Score 1) 261

I'd ban phrases like "the good guys" or "the bad guys". Hollywood has made so many people think in these stupid terms and that makes them justify any of their actions based on that belief.

American excepcionalism is greatly aided by the conviction of being the good guys.

Comment: Re:Is it still relevant? (Score 1) 147

by Isaac Remuant (#45399559) Attached to: WxWidgets 3.0: First Major Release in Several Years

1) This could be a factor. I don't develop for OS X but it could be relevant to some (Although, personally, I feel there's too big of an obsession about "look and feel" from mac users).
2) This is barely relevant, imo. MOC does a great job and code generators have always been a good thing if you know what they generate and are one way only.
3) This could be a factor although I don't usually see a problem with dynamic linking.

for Qt, there's PyQt (I've used it and it's great) and PySide (no idea).

I used WxWidgets a couple of years ago and while it was easy to learn, it was nowhere near Qt in terms of features and documentation. Still, I hope it does well. I've seen plenty of nice programs using it.

Comment: Re:Stay behind the line! (Score 2, Insightful) 388

by Isaac Remuant (#45344213) Attached to: Anonymous Clashes With D.C. Police During Million Mask March


Besides, "fire, blood and horror" wouldn't win anyone to your cause and, before you're able to organize sufficient manpower to actually matter you'd be easily found out and imprisoned.

You're the tough guy that will talk down on protests and demand for a real revolution while not getting away from his keyboard.

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. -- John Muir