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Comment: Re:Is it still relevant? (Score 1) 147

by Isaac Remuant (#45399559) Attached to: WxWidgets 3.0: First Major Release in Several Years

1) This could be a factor. I don't develop for OS X but it could be relevant to some (Although, personally, I feel there's too big of an obsession about "look and feel" from mac users).
2) This is barely relevant, imo. MOC does a great job and code generators have always been a good thing if you know what they generate and are one way only.
3) This could be a factor although I don't usually see a problem with dynamic linking.

for Qt, there's PyQt (I've used it and it's great) and PySide (no idea).

I used WxWidgets a couple of years ago and while it was easy to learn, it was nowhere near Qt in terms of features and documentation. Still, I hope it does well. I've seen plenty of nice programs using it.

Comment: Re:Stay behind the line! (Score 2, Insightful) 388

by Isaac Remuant (#45344213) Attached to: Anonymous Clashes With D.C. Police During Million Mask March


Besides, "fire, blood and horror" wouldn't win anyone to your cause and, before you're able to organize sufficient manpower to actually matter you'd be easily found out and imprisoned.

You're the tough guy that will talk down on protests and demand for a real revolution while not getting away from his keyboard.

Comment: Re:I'm not sure I understand the premise (Score 1) 177

Can you prove that it's worse, though?

I have nothing against textbooks (I have a lot of hard and soft cover programming books) but when I commute, I usually can't carry more than 1 or 2. Tablet with epub/pdf's is a blessing.

I'm not saying it's worth the price but it does have some great advantages.

Comment: Re:ill tell you how to fix it (Score 4, Informative) 194

by Isaac Remuant (#45048085) Attached to: Social Fixer Falls Victim To Facebook Legal Threats

You have slashdot account and you voice your opinions and activities in it (telling us what you do and don't have). If that's not social I don't know what is.

Comments like

if the niggers in the ghetto were not such a bunch of criminal gangstas then racism would not be an issue,

the bleeding heart liberals and ghetto niggers can holler "racism" all they want, and i will holler "go to hell nigger gangster" because i have a right to know where the danger zones are despite it being populated with mostly trashy criminal niggers

and many, MANY others can be data mined and tied to you (don't think a pseudonym and alternative mail account do much in the way of privacy).

You have absolutely no grounds on telling other people what to do or giving advice about "not getting used by the internet".

Comment: Re:Freedom of speech... (Score 2) 159

by Isaac Remuant (#44869665) Attached to: Reddit Bans Subreddit Dedicated To Finding Navy Yard Shooters

Reddit has terms of service and rules that you adhere to when posting or otherwise participating in the community. They don't have an obligation to accommodate those rules to your liking.

That doesn't destroy your freedom of speech. You're free to email or use some other service which allows you to communicate that information. You can try Slashdot, if you want.

Comment: regarding freefilesync (Score 1) 238

I was going to potentially suggest it but saw you already use it.

Currently we use FreeFileSync with a custom piece of Javascript to make batch files that synchronize e.g. folders C:\projects\123_ProjectName\ and Z:\123_ProjectName\ if the local folder exists. However, that solution lacks versioning, real-time sync and deletion support. It only syncs when we press a button, and then older files are overwritten by newer files (two way sync; older files go to a "sync-deletions"-folder).

FreeFileSync HAS batch files that can run and you can always schedule jobs (at login, connection with server, etc). You can customize the sync and even use versioning. It supports names of drives instead of letters as well...

Anyway, I'll add to the voices that said that you need to use some sort of Source Control for projects. Even if it's only to be able to 'blame'.

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