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Comment: Re:LCD vs. E-Ink/E-Paper (Score 1) 333

by Is0m0rph (#42295265) Attached to: Will Tablets Kill Off e-Readers?
Not true, I'm a software engineer I spend all day looking at LCD screens. I read books on my phone (while not tablet size it's 4.7" screen is big enough for me) all the time and backlit screen does not bother me at all. The people that are bothered by it will stick with e-ink. I don't like having to turn on a light at night if I want to read. But the cool reader android app I use lets you set the back light as a slider so it can be very dim for reading in the dark. If it didn't have that feature I would not like reading in the dark with a bright backlight.

Comment: ah good I missed it (Score 1) 370

by Is0m0rph (#39289701) Attached to: For Windows 8 Users, Stardock Revives the Start Menu
I don't mind the new start menu in W8 really (go to the tiles and right click and select all apps) but the main issue I have is you can't adjust the tile font size. On a regular pc and monitor this isn't a problem but I'm running this system on a PC hooked up to my TV so 1080P and sitting back 6-7 feet the tile font is so small I can barely read it you can zoom it out but not in for some reason. I'm sure there's a way to set it I just haven't found it. My desktop though is blown up to good size and can be read easily so having the start menu back will be nice.

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