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+ - Google Censoring Google Maps?

Submitted by Ironsides
Ironsides writes: After reading about the Russian-Georgian war for the past two days I decided to pull up Google maps to get an idea of where everything was. To my surprise, I found nothing. Google has apparently removed all cities, roads and anything else from Google Maps on anything located inside of Georgia. Armenia and Azerbaijan are also blank spots on the map other than for their names. Given that in neighboring countries (Turkey, Iraq, Iran Russia), they at least include the roads and locations of cities and towns, this is suspicious to say the least. Satellite photos are still available, but good luck trying to find out what anything is called.

+ - Oversized Film Scanner

Submitted by Ironsides
Ironsides writes: My family has a number of old negatives that we would like to digitize. While we could spend the cash and have them all turned into prints and scan the prints, we would preffer to scan the negatives directly. One other problem is that several family members scattered throughout the country also have collections that would need to be sacnned in and we could not possibly pay to have them all turned into prints. Now, here's the catch. A sizeable number (at least 100 hundred, possibly several hundred) are 1:1 negatives. Meaning that are 4x5 inches (yes, these are very old negatives). Now, I've been looking at slide and negative scanners and unfortunately it seems they only go up to 6x9 cm (2.3x3.5 inches). Does anyone know of a high quality scanner that will handle such large negatives?
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+ - Anger From 1 Ripoff + 2 MBAs = a Game Plan

Submitted by
Ironsides writes: "Washington Post reports: Here's how Jon Dugan's business idea was born: Last year, Dugan, a student at the University of Maryland, went to a used-video-game store with his brother and a pile of Xbox games. For a stack of 17 used titles, they got $34 in store credit. Out of curiosity, the two went back to the store the next day. The games they traded in had been put on the shelves with prices ranging from $12.99 to $32.99. They decided to set up their own business for trading used games online called Goozex."

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