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Comment Re:Get out of my face (Score 1) 1069

It must be really hard for you to avoid going out of your way to pick all the appropriate conversation options in order to end up experiencing such a situation. When I played the game, I had to pay close attention in order to purposefully put my character into such a relationship.

Comment Re:We didn't really know how things worked before (Score 5, Insightful) 375

There's a difference between questioning a theory based on evidence to the contrary and questioning it simply because it is controversial. One of the few other scientific theories that seems to enjoy this distinction is the theory of evolution. However, you'd be hard pressed to find as many slashdotters making the same argument against that theory.

Comment Re:"I'm just going to load some parameters..." (Score 1) 251

As he stated at the beginning of the demo, the plugin was still in development and there appeared to be a multitude of sliders and settings to set in order to get any particular photo to come out 'just right'. I'm assuming he had limited stage time and felt that saving all those settings to be loaded on an as needed basis would save time.

Otherwise, would you have been more content to sit there and watch him fiddle with sliders and settings for 5-10 minutes per photo in order to achieve the results he produced with saved settings? In fact, he explicitly stated that he was loading some presets.

Additionally, if you look at the file size column when he loads the pre-defined parameters, they are single-didgit file sizes, Most likely 1 KB each.

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