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Comment: Re:AND it's no longer relevant. (Score 3, Informative) 243

by IronHalik (#39215357) Attached to: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin Beta 1 Released
How come you refer to single people who like Unity, and you say 'we' when referring to those who don't? As far as I can tell, from Ubuntu IRC channels, people who are so troubled by Unity are in minority. Very loud minority.

If you don't like it, there's XFCE for you - it has been branded as the 'proper' DE by Torvalds himself.

For me, Unity allows for less clutter, faster access to files and software, more real estate. What it could do, is use Mutter instead of Compiz - it's faster and less bloated. (Gnome-shell uses it)


+ - Microsoft unveils new Windows logo->

Submitted by
IronHalik writes "The multicolored Windows flag is no more. Windows 8 will do away with the wavy Windows logo that Microsoft has used in one form or another for the last 20 years, and replace it with a logo that's, well, a window.

Windows 8 ushers in a new, and completely different, Windows look and feel: it brings the Metro design concept to the desktop. With Metro's emphasis on clean lines and typography, Microsoft wanted a logo that reflected these ideals, and so commissioned agency Pentagram to create the new logo."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Linux *Implemented* It First (Score 1) 642

by IronHalik (#38999477) Attached to: Windows 8 Features With Linux Antecedents
Also, it usually gets done by Windows Update in the background - so from user standpoint there's not much difference between native support and not. It's seamless.

Just like my X-Fi sound blaster, being natively supported by linux 3.0. I need to manually reload the module every other wakeup from hibernation. That is of course, if I don't forget to take out the flash-drive from the port, because it breaks the wakeup completely, requiring me to do a hard reboot.

Since were at reboot, GRUB 2.0 is kinda nice.

Comment: Re:Perspective (Score 1) 438

by IronHalik (#38972457) Attached to: The iPhone Is a Nightmare For Carriers

Hmm, I pay $0.0053 per megabyte, $0.10 per minute and $0.06 per text. Pre-paid, no contract, 3 years until my balance expires. Of course that's in different currency, with 23% VAT included. You can multiply those values by three to get more western estimates. Brand new iPhone from iStore costs ~$850 though. With tax, without contract.

I think there's some room for improvement for US carriers.

On the other hand, average wage here oscillates somewhere near US minimal wage ;>

Comment: Re:Burn it! (Score 1) 109

by IronHalik (#38964955) Attached to: Nouveau Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Achieves OpenCL Support
Sure, I got flamed for reviving a Transmission bug (torrents would not start from the watchdir, they would get added as started but no peers would connect). It was a "known bug". Known for about two years then. Must have been some really nasty thing, if nobody could fix it during two mayor versions.

And for Ubuntu, I reported message indicator not working properly with Empathy - its one of the nicest features in Unity. "It regressed". They will fix it in 12.04. Maybe. A bug has to wait half a year, because the package is frozen. I wonder if they do the same with security holes. And don't start me on the LTS version ;> Many fixes come with next Ubuntu version. This makes LTS versions pointless. (since they're as bugged as any other version)

Oh, and I shouldn't need to report bugs, Ubuntu has no bugs. Its open source, the all-knowing community squashes bugs in the planning stages.

But... To be fair, after trying 12.04, it is the best Ubuntu alpha I've ever seen. And Ubuntu+1 IRC channel activity would suggest its a smooth ride for other people too, so far. Although, they did not fix the Empathy bug, I have high hopes for it.

Comment: Re:Burn it! (Score 2) 109

by IronHalik (#38957271) Attached to: Nouveau Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Achieves OpenCL Support
Because they say Ubuntu is better then Windows. Actually, its the best thing since sliced bread. And if something is wrong with the best OS ever, its always Bill Gates with his evil Steve Ballmer henchman, actively sabotaging open source efforts.

How could I, with clear conscience, use OS that was produced by such vile characters.

For the record, I'm perfectly fine with Arch Linux on my laptop.

Comment: Burn it! (Score 1, Informative) 109

by IronHalik (#38956611) Attached to: Nouveau Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Achieves OpenCL Support
Burn it with fire! For all the countless hours spent trying to make it work on my "supported" Ubuntu box - the bootsplash, the dual displays, the login display config, user display config... You fix one thing, another jumps right back in.

And to be fair, proprietary nvidia drivers are far from flawless too - Most of the things work except one, kinda big thing - X server using one whole core, just to render the desktop. It's a "feature regression".

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.