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Comment wrong. burden of proof is on the religious (Score 1) 519

i can say 'there is no god' and it doesn't require any faith to do so. i can also say 'there are no ghosts' and 'there are no aliens' and that requires no faith.

the burden of proof is on religions. until they have proof, saying 'there are no god, ghosts, or aliens' are the obvious and default rational beliefs.

atheism is the default natural state. any child raised in a religious vacuum would be an atheist.

Comment seriously, get a standing desk (Score 2) 116

buy a $40 ikea coffee table, put it on top of your desk, use it as your keyboard & mouse stand.
buy a $50 tall monitor mount from amazon that clamps to the back of your desk and raises your monitor or laptop to eye height.
buy a $30 hog heaven foam floor mat to stand on

play music and shuffle & move around as you work. i used to have constant lower back problems from sitting all day, but ever since i've switched, my back has been great. it's also been great for my overall health. do it for yourself.

the first week or so of adjustment period is a little rough, but from there on out it's smooth sailing.

Comment i don't actually think they are the same, GP did (Score 1) 37

I agree that cheap drones are very different in capabilities than a cruise missile. but GP made the stupid argument that this was the same, and rather than disagree with him, I thought I would point out that even if he were correct, it would still a big deal, not the la-de-da he was making it out to be.

Comment actually, are you sure about that? (Score 1) 120

looking at the size of various sound waves, it looks like for instance a 50hz soundwave has a wavelength somewhere around 30 feet. yet that is within the range of human hearing - somehow our tiny eardrums are able to hear 30ft soundwaves? so its a little more complicated than you make it out to be

Comment Re:why not user ultra low frequency instead? (Score 1) 120

antenna? we are talking sound waves, not radio waves - they need a speaker, not an antenna. i'm not a sound geek but my understanding is that relatively standard subwoofers can put out sound below 20hz, approaching as low as 10hz, so i wouldn't expect size to be an issue.

Comment why not user ultra low frequency instead? (Score 1) 120

i feel like the obvious question is, why use ultrasonic frequencies that lose half their power in a meter of air, when we could be using ultra low frequencies that travel much further before losing power - and are also much better at penetrating obstacles? something like 5hz or 10hz?

anyone care to dig into the physics or biology of why that wouldn't work either?

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 570

the snippet you posted compared pure fructose to pure glucose. which is not at all the same as comparing HFCS to table sugar.

fructose may very well be worse for you than glucose, but that is completely irrelevant when we are talking about HFCS vs table sugar, as they are both roughly half and half.

show me a study from a reputable source that is able to show that HFCS is in any way worse than table sugar. good luck.

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