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did you read the post you replied to? 3645 women DIE EVERY YEAR FROM CERVICAL CANCER.

The vaccine prevents most HPV infections, which prevents most cases of cervical cancer. If every person got the vaccine, it would prevent thousands of deaths per year. (projecting forward twenty or thirty years when the 11-year old girls receiving the vaccine are at the age where they would start succumbing to and dying from cervical cancer.)

so yes, they should keep giving the vaccine out while they investigate it. because a few hundred reports of pain are trivial when compared to thousands of deaths.

Comment you skipped over the important bits. RTFA (Score 1) 228

the exemption applies to "information concerning individuals" which you would have known if you'd actually read the article.

individual is a commonly used legal term, and it sure as shit doesn't mean dolphins. it means persons. humans. thus, the regulation for medical record exemptions only applies to humans.

Comment speaking of laziness... (Score 2) 228

speaking of laziness... if you had bothered to read the article, you would see that it quotes the regulation, and that the relevant text is "information concerning individuals." individual is a pretty common & well-defined legal term meaning a human person (or, rarely, artificial persons like corporations). I don't recall any legal precedent granting dolphins personhood, so this is very clearly a misapplication of law.

Comment I don't want to download your stupid app (Score 4, Insightful) 90

I don't want to download your stupid app. Just make your website not suck on mobile devices. End of story.

If your app really truly has enough complexity that a mobile site is too slow, and a native app is the only way to get decent performance, your app is probably too complicated. Keep it simple stupid.

Maybe 1% of apps actually honestly need to be a standalone app.

Comment Re:why would you assume it costs the same? (Score 1) 181

Ok, I will make it easier for you. given these two possible scenarios:

A) unlimited data to youtube (and everything else)
B) data cap that applies to youtube (but unlimited data to some other services)

can you imagine that people may watch less youtube videos in scenario B than they would in scenario A?
ok, if you can accept that premise, let's move on to...

B1) instead of watching youtube videos, user watches hulu
B2) instead of watching youtube videos, user reads cracked articles or watches cable tv or reads a book (less total bandwidth use)

can you imagine that some people may opt for B2?

Comment why would you assume it costs the same? (Score 2) 181

Assuming that it would cost T-Mobile the same to provide a low-bandwidth unlimited-data connection to the entire Internet, (as opposed to a low-bandwidth unlimited-data connection to just their whitelisted sites)

Why would you assume that? If I can only unlimited stream from Hulu and Netflix, but pay for the data to stream YouTube, I may very well watch less YouTube, and there may not be a 1:1 replacement with Hulu or Netflix watching - since YouTube fills a very different role in video consumption. T-Mobile could very well be saving money by excluding YouTube from the free streaming.

There's also the possibility of kickbacks - maybe Hulu and Netflix are paying T-Mobile for the privilege of unlimited streaming. It's certainly a competitive advantage for them compared to other video services. So even if COST is the same, REVENUE may be greater with the whitelist scenario.

Comment Re:some people think they're an eyesore (Score 0) 336

the reasonable reader could infer that they were talking about aesthetics. you, on the other hand, are quite unreasonable.

clearly they didn't mean 'it will physically block our roads and we will be trapped!'

again, i ask: how many solar farms surround YOUR town? would you like it if one was erected literally 50ft (from the article) from your house? maybe you wouldn't mind, but are you saying it's unreasonable for these people to feel that way? fuck you.

Comment Re:how many solar farms does your city have? (Score 1) 336

built within the last few years, i suppose? you are aware that google maps earth view is not realtime, right? the average image on there is 3 years old, but i'm sure some are older.

If you're really that interested in it, you can fire up google earth - it should reveal how old the satellite imagery is.

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