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Comment: This Isn't Necessarily A Bad Thing (Score 4, Interesting) 440

by IonOtter (#46617137) Attached to: Million Jars of Peanut Butter Dumped In New Mexico Landfill

This sort of thing has happened before, and it will happen again. An even better example was when the MV Cougar Ace almost sank, and 4700 brand new Mazda cars hung at a 60 degree angle for several months. They never moved, and they were all in seemingly perfect condition.

Mazda chose to err on the side of caution, rather than risk a lawsuit. Or even worse, there was a very valid concern that they would become "Katrina Cars". A coat of paint, and they would be bundled up and sold in some other unsuspecting country. (On a side-note, the destruction process is really cool!.)

With waivers not being worth the paper they're printed on, it's simply not worth the risk of getting sued.

And finally, there's the "soft damage" to take into consideration? Remember the kid in preschool who "had cooties"? That kid KEPT those cooties, right up until graduation day in high school. Costco might never allow a single jar to hit their normal distribution system, but just the simple fact that the peanut butter even exists at all, is a risk that someone, somewhere, will say, "Whoa, Costco peanut butter might have salmonella."

Play "Telephone" with that for a while, and suddenly Costco can't pay someone to take a jar of peanut butter. This is actually a very safe, very beneficial tactic for Costco.

Now consumers can be absolutely guaranteed that they will never have to think about whether Costco peanut butter is safe.

And in retail, that's money in the bank.

Comment: It Depends... (Score 1) 704

by IonOtter (#46547745) Attached to: Getting Misogyny, Racism and Homophobia Out of Gaming

If you're talking shit in the lounge or common area, then you deserve a banhammer right to the forehead. And if you're playing a non-violent or otherwise cooperative game, then nasty epithets really aren't cool.

But combat games? Actually shooting at other player opponents? Nuh-uh. Anything goes, jungle rules and survival of the fittest. If you're hunting other humans, then you should not only expect such nasty talk, but you should desire hearing it. When you've just flung a knife halfway across the map and skewered some n00b in the eyeball, then hearing them call you a bitch faggot is just icing on the pwncake.

There's also something else to consider? Being a nasty little troll can come with some really horrible, but incredibly spectacular consequences.

Comment: Donning CBR Gear (Score 5, Insightful) 246

Weev is whale turds. He's the lowest of the low, he knows it, and he relishes it. He's like a wolverine, pissing and shitting on the carcass he found, so nobody else will try to eat it, even though he can't stand his own stench.

Which is why it sucks so God Damned much to have to defend his useless ass!

But then, if you can't defend the worst of the worst from clear injustice, then we don't even have the hope of having a republic.

Comment: Realization Dawns (Score 4, Insightful) 523

by IonOtter (#46068061) Attached to: RNC Calls For Halt To Unconstitutional Surveillance

Back in 2002 or so, when people were really starting to rally against the PATRIOT act, the usual faces were all over the media, calling detractors "terrorist sympathizers" and worse. More than a few openly called for such people to be labeled traitors.

Manifestly, there is no civil-liberties crisis in this country. Consequently, people who claim there is must have a different goal in mind. What else can you say of such people but that they are traitors? (source)

And here's Paul Krugman with regards to Rush Limbaugh back in 2002...

As far back as 2002, Rush Limbaugh, in words very close to those used by The Wall Street Journal last week, accused Tom Daschle, then the Senate majority leader, of a partisan "attempt to sabotage the war on terrorism." (source.)

I can't remember where it happened, or who exactly said it, but someone confronted Rush Limbaugh about his words and said, "Imagine if Hillary Clinton were to become president, and she has the power that you want to give President Bush."


It would appear that has a very good chance of happening. And what was laughed off back in 2002, is now staining underwear in 2014.

Comment: I Have Experience in Internet Archaeology (Score 3, Interesting) 79

by IonOtter (#46062857) Attached to: Fixing Broken Links With the Internet Archive

There was a fascinating website dedicated to high-energy weapons and experiments, called

It was run by a young man who'd been born in the US to Ukranian immigrants, which is actually important to keep in mind. He was brilliant, at least in my eyes, putting together the most incredible devices. HERF cannons, railguns, Tesla coils; you name it. He was the first to explain what the OptiCom traffic Light Changer was, and how it worked.

In short, he was doing a lot of work on things a LOT of people would much rather he didn't. Things were zipping along nicely, and his college professor was very excited to see what he came up with next.

Then 9/11 happened. Within four months, the site was gone. And Slava Person vanished from the Internet not long after that. Other people took up the mantle of his work, such as, but it's not as good as Mr. Slava's work had been.

But if you put into WBM/A.O, you can find most of what he did. Also, one of the problems of WBM/A.O is that you can't just click on the links. Sometimes you have to copy them, then enter them into the WBM window, otherwise your browser tries to go to the direct link. Which no longer exists.

I've also used it to find all kinds of fan fiction, role-playing games, artwork and more.

I approve of this.

Comment: Re:Some Things Are Still in the Stores Today (Score 1) 172

Technically, you're correct. The researchers only had a few days in which to do it in a plastic bucket. Not exactly safe, either.

According to records, garum was also made in large, clay jugs, just ilke the Asian sauce. The very best sauce was allowed to age for as long as 8 months, sometimes longer.

The neat thing, is you got lots of stuff out of a single jar. The stuff off the very top was light a fine, rich amber, and commanded the highest prices. Further down, it was darker and got a good price. The glop at the bottom would be strained to get the next best liquid, and then returned to the jar and salt water added for another soaking to get yet more sauce out of the glop. Finally, the glop was sold to the lower classes to mix with their porridge and chick peas.

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