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Comment Re:Lawyer. (Score 1) 556

And I think that's totally fair, I suppose I just don't believe that the anonymous poster of this has gone through the proper channels. If he hasn't contacted the local authorities it makes little sense for the FBI to be involved, when their jurisdiction is expressly limited by the US Constitution. I think that he'd get a response if he went through the local authorities, and maybe even whatever state-sanctioned investigative body exists there (in Georgia, we have the GBI) but the FBI's not likely the best starting point. Kind of like working in a large corporation and sending an e-mail to the CEO because a co-worker is agitating you... Probably not the best analogy, but you can at least see some plausible reason (I hope) as to why the FBI isn't the best starting point, and there is no evidence of an appropriate starting point given. Nor is there an appeal to anyone who would know something about the law and how to proceed, but rather an open appeal to the Slashdot crowd.

Submission The Trouble with Vista

jcatcw writes: After hundreds of hours of testing Vista, Scot Finnie is supremely tired of it. And of Microsoft. Although 80% of the changes in Windows Vista are positive, there is nothing about Vista that is truly innovative or compelling; there's no transformational, gotta-have-it feature in Vista. But the real problem isn't with Vista. It's with Microsoft itself. Microsoft stopped focusing on end users. They "now seemingly makes many decisions based on these two things: 1. Avoiding negative publicity (especially about security and software quality) 2. Making sure the largest enterprise customers are happy."

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