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Comment: Re:NFC isn't used for just payment (Score 2) 327

by Insomnium (#47935121) Attached to: Apple Locks iPhone 6/6+ NFC To Apple Pay Only

You're making the assumption someone wants to send their pictures to a server. Or the transferable file is a pic at all. The thing is. Apple does not have a fully functioning bluetooth, contact sharing or any wireles medium whatsover and it will not have a fully functioning NFC either. This is not new. And I am talking about fully functioning, not some "it has bluetooth cause my 200e apple bluetooth speakers work on it."

Comment: Re:Change of circumstances/ (Score 2) 83

AFAIK microsoft did not get any nokia patents with the buyout. As such nokia has left the market and samsung can no longer cross license with nokia, instead have to pay them and have to rethink their spending on frivolous microsoft patents.

In my opinion, keeping patents secret while saying someone is infridging one should be sued for libel or similar. If a company wants royalties from patents, they should say how much and from which patents. For a long time companies just say "they are infridging" and do not specify and are not called out on their bullshit. Top that with tons of obvious patents that should never have been granted. The system is fundamentally broken.

Comment: Reason I installed addblock. (Score 5, Interesting) 418

by Insomnium (#47490747) Attached to: Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'

I installed addblock because videos and streams I watched had add volume loudness so loud that it was a real problem. I often watch videos during the night and when the loudness jumps up for the adds it becomes annoying really fast. And that was the only reason.

I don't really mind adds and I know they run the content creators, but just that one small issue was enough for me.

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by Insomnium (#45535085) Attached to: The Science Behind the InfinitEye's Panoramic Virtual Reality Headset

Also to further press the point we did have 3d games in 386 era too. thats quite a few generations before p4. it's more about optimisation and less about stupid remarks about what you could do with a p4. Not forgetting that the point was "they will be there few years from now"

Comment: Re: Bad article (Score 1) 42

by Insomnium (#45535055) Attached to: The Science Behind the InfinitEye's Panoramic Virtual Reality Headset

yes. for the tdp in question. you are aware you're comparing a ~100w processor to a 4w soc? Also graphics is where the power is needed and in this case it's needed in stereo. so just adding a second gpu to the soc would do a lot.

You also seem to forget that cpu power has not been a real issue in desktops for quite a while.

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