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Comment: Re:Hitler and the NAZIs were so stupid. (Score 1) 292

One can see David Cameron jog around the Mall and St James park with usually about 2 or so bodyguards every now and then . I presume they are armed but there is no attempt to seal the area or any interference with the other people around..

Comment: a moot point perhaps-- (Score 1) 386

by Insipid Trunculance (#48707517) Attached to: The One Mistake Google Keeps Making

From the article " This, in the very country where the majority of the population fights against government regulations, red tape and bureaucracy.".

So how do you explain in no particular order - TSA , Medicaid , Medicare ,Police and of course your legal system. I am afraid Americans like to believe they retain the pioneer spirit and the there are no rules ethos from two centuries ago but the fact is you say you hate bureaucracy and then embrace it so long as its packaged properly.

+ - Home Security Cameras 1

Submitted by Insipid Trunculance
Insipid Trunculance (526362) writes "Having been burgled recently , I have been shocked out of my complacency and going all the way to secure my home. I am happy with the quote for the burglar alarm and going ahead ; I am not satisfied with the camera setup they have proposed , essentially its an old style cctv setup with a very clunky web accessible capability. What I have decided to have is Day/Night capable IP cameras which can email/text me whenever they detect motion. I didn't want to particularly setup a dedicated PC to record the video , so direct recording to a NAS and/or inbuilt storage is a requirement. I have been amazed at the number or solutions and the variability in their quality. What setup do fellow slashdotters have?"

Comment: Re:Most of this will be about internal politics (Score 1) 519

Actually , till that prize idiot Galtieri buggered it up by invading , the conservative government of Margaret Thatcher was considering adopting a hong kong style sale and lease back . The story then , as is now , was defense cuts and the absolute bonkers sums of money it costs us to keep those sheep farmers safe.The Argentine government finds it a convenient issue to deflect attention from its economic woes .And no UK PM will forego an opportunity to display his utter devotion to our peace and security by loudly professing the safety of the falklands while decimating our armed forces.

+ - SPAM: Lee reveals IPL auction worries

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Australian pacer Brett Lee revealed he was worried if any franchise would be interested in signing him during the inaugural IPL auction."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re: according to the article (Score 1) 188

by Insipid Trunculance (#33349662) Attached to: Electronic Voting Researcher Arrested In India

I assure you that things are quite excellent in the US when you compare it to the rest of the world.

Here's a Series of excellent articles by Economist that might be news to you.

Glorious failures

Rough justice

Too many laws, too many prisoners

I would pay particular attention to the third article which shows the depths of illogicality to which the American Justice system has plummeted. Justice is often depicted as a blindfolded woman - the idea being that justice is impartial to everything else except the law.A corollary might be that the Judge delivering the ruling isn't important, same cases before different judges ought to produce the same result.The US Supreme court has too much power in terms of the individuals that make it and not so much as an institution. After all its the election / rejection of individual judges that results in endless conjecture about the overturning of the abortion judgement , the outcome of cases before the court etc.

If you consider the President of the England And Wales Supreme Court, Lord Igor Judge, people other than the parliamentary circus , the legal profession and a handful of Times and Telegraph readers don't know him from adam. After all , if personalities were important, One would hardly have a Lord Chief Justice called Judge Judge!!

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