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+ - The Downfall Of Technology

Submitted by Insider007
Insider007 (1861786) writes "As we increasingly see technology in every part of our lives from waking up in the morning to our social lives has the time come to question our reliance on electrical devices? I enjoy many of the advances that have come about in the past 10-20 years (home computers, mp3 players, smartphones etc.) but every time one of them breaks I am left wondering — what would we do if someone turned everything off tomorrow?"

Comment: Re:You cant hand an ebook to your friend... (Score 1) 247

by Insider007 (#32988018) Attached to: eBook Sales Outpace Hardbacks
Good point, also what happens when you spill coffee on your ebook? Or leave it on the train? We are increasingly becoming reliant on technology, with the possible fallout growing with every new bit of tech we "need". Let's stick to good old-fashioned books and canvas art we can hold onto.

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