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Comment: Re:Very amusing but... (Score 5, Informative) 314

From the article:

The protective qualities of the underbody shields are substantial, but their effect on the overall structure of the vehicle is minimal. In total, the shields only have a 0.1 percent impact on range and donâ(TM)t affect ride or handling. Wind tunnel testing shows no discernible change in drag or lift on the car.

Comment: Re:Number one thing i want from Cyanogen (Score 1) 211

by InsaneMosquito (#40602193) Attached to: Google Releases Android 4.1 Source Code
That's a good question. I upgraded by Galaxy Nexus to one of the CM9 nightlies. The video recorder uses a different codec than what it had used. Of course, you don't realize this until you send your mother a video of the baby doing something cute and she suddenly can't play it in Windows Media Player.

Comment: Re:Don't like the school lunches . . . ? (Score 2) 472

This isn't always an option. For example, this school in Chicago bans packed lunches because kids could bring something healthy. Who's to say more principals won't latch on to this line of thinking?,0,4567867.story

Comment: Re:Snapfish (Score 1) 350

by InsaneMosquito (#39930895) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Option For Printing Digital Photos?
I disagree. Snapfish has a horrible track record for me. Most recently, my wife recently had 150 pictures printed via Snapfish. When we received them, 47 of the pictures had visible blockiness and pixelization that are not present in the digital files. Sending the same pictures to WalMart for printing got us nice crisp images.

Comment: Re:Can't someone sue the carriers? (Score 1) 322

by InsaneMosquito (#38212912) Attached to: Android Dev Demonstrates CarrierIQ Phone Logging Software On Video
What happens when you aren't under a service contract any more? I never turn my old phone over to the carrier when I upgrade. The previous one makes a good toy for the little kids in the family. It has no cell service. I do still connect it to the family wireless.

Comment: Give GOOG an account everywhere... (Score 3, Insightful) 95

by InsaneMosquito (#36437772) Attached to: Google Should Be Logging In To Facebook
Using this logic, Google should be given an account to every forum, every blog, every tube site, every system with a login so that users can see if they are talked about some where on the internet. Sounds like a stupid idea. Why should they be able to log into Facebook when they can't log into that small little web forum?

Comment: Re:Any laywers here? (Score 1) 983

by InsaneMosquito (#36339898) Attached to: Man Ordered At Gunpoint To Hand Over Phone For Recording Cops
Search warrants aren't required any more. All the cops have to do is claim you were destroying evidence: 8-1 Supreme Court ruling. That should take 50-75 years to overturn, if we are lucky.

"Who alone has reason to *lie himself out* of actuality? He who *suffers* from it." -- Friedrich Nietzsche