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Comment: Re:I'm driving a rented Nissan Pathfinder while my (Score 1) 622 622

Here's some stuff that I can remember using my truck for over the past year or so:

Bark dust, gravel, etc.
Dump runs for large items
Goodwill runs
Christmas tree
New BBQ grill

I get that a lot of people have a truck and don't make use of it very often. But I make use of it quite a lot, even while living in a crowded suburban neighborhood. So I wouldn't say that you really only need it if you're a "farmer or ranch hand."

On your last point, depending on the length of the truck, you may stick out less into the parking lot if you park tail-in (generally there's more overhang on the rear end compared to the front.) This makes it easier to get out of parking spots, and makes you less of a hazard to other people using the parking lot.

Comment: Re:Hell *YES*. (Score 1) 192 192

obsolescence is a pretty good indication of what kind of "investing" he was talking about.

This is exactly the crux of the issue with the iWatch - the type of "investing" is totally subjective. So it's not clear. I have no idea what type of return, subjective or not, overpriced electronics that go obsolete within only a few years provide. I'm not being pedantic - It's absolutely not clear. For example, some people buy audio gear as more of a fashion statement than for audio quality (Beats; I'd venture Bose to some extent, too, and others.)

To argue that two things will be better or worse investments in purely subjective terms is an exercise in futility.

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