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Comment Re:Fuck That! (Score 1) 227

The fact that people even care what's "canon" sometimes boggles my mind. You shouldn't ever get invested into a fictional universe to that degree. The IP owners will do whatever the hell will make you give them more money, so having any personal investment in these types of decisions really just makes you a pawn.

Comment Re:I'm driving a rented Nissan Pathfinder while my (Score 1) 622

Here's some stuff that I can remember using my truck for over the past year or so:

Bark dust, gravel, etc.
Dump runs for large items
Goodwill runs
Christmas tree
New BBQ grill

I get that a lot of people have a truck and don't make use of it very often. But I make use of it quite a lot, even while living in a crowded suburban neighborhood. So I wouldn't say that you really only need it if you're a "farmer or ranch hand."

On your last point, depending on the length of the truck, you may stick out less into the parking lot if you park tail-in (generally there's more overhang on the rear end compared to the front.) This makes it easier to get out of parking spots, and makes you less of a hazard to other people using the parking lot.

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