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Wireless Networking

+ - More Companies sharing WiFi

Submitted by
Inexile2002 writes "It looks like a second Spanish start-up is trying to set up a free global wifi network by convincing people to donate some of their bandwidth. First there was FON that started with firmware for Linksys and Buffalo routers, and then decided to do the Wifi sharing via their La Fonera Wifi router. Now there's a new player, Whisher, that hopes to do the same thing, except with a software only solution. FON has faced some serious security concerns and resistance from many ISPs, Whisher is likely to face many of the same concerns. Om Malik seems to think that FON is the good bet, while CNET seems a little more favorable to Whisher. Google and Skype are backing FON, while Swisscom and Benchmark Capital are backing Whisher. The base idea of both companies seems admirable, free Wifi where ever you go, the actual implementation is obviously much harder."

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