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Comment Re:Maintaining status quo... (Score 1) 66

So in essence, this new method would allow the existing superpowers to continue to keep their boots on the throats of developing countries who may want to pursue nuclear ambitions.

I am fine with that. There are programs for peaceful nuclear power, and no need for domestic purification capability.

I am more than fine, I am completely on board disallowing any non-free country from doing this, your raging nationalism, a tool of dictators, included.

Comment Re:5 Eps on the website (Score 1) 87

Star Trek Online puts you in charge of a million ton space battle and turns it into button mashing.

I would murder just to have the computer mildly intelligently auto-adjust the "divert power from this shield to that" crappppppola.

Let me focus on the strategy rather than second-to-second immediate reactionary button mashing.

This goes for all MMORPGs in general, of recent vintage. Giving everyone one or two 1-2 second microholds and smash key to break free and other immediate-reaction twitch stuff, please.

Another hundred million dollar flop, order is up!

Comment Re:If an investment strategy requires a... (Score 1) 354

Once a get rich plan is published, no matter how mathematically and statistically sound it is, other people will try to game those using it. Hence the theory is no longer valid as it does not take into consideration general knowledge of its use and the distorting affect that has.

Witness a theoritical way of determining what stock will go up 10% in two days. People will quickly use it and pre-buy that stock, and it no longer will.

Comment Re:So the taxes were collected from salaries inste (Score 1) 244

When people point out half the US taxpayers actually pay no tax at all, the same type of people who talk cynically as you do point out these people still pay social security tax via the hidden half the company pays on your behalf, of which few are aware, by design of fraudulent politicians, to deliberately hide the size of your SS contribution.

So as to not make "pay no taxes" a *complete* lie.

Comment Advertising! (Score 2) 363

Well, with so much regulation, taxation, and rent seeking, "when the means of production are bought and sold, the first thing bought and sold is the legislature."

Translation: If the goverment didn't have such intrusive powers to begin with, especially into the economy, there wouldn't be such fights to wield its power.

inb4 someone yelpz about corporations being citizens with speech rights, needing yet another belabored explanation of the actual Supreme Court ruling.

Comment Re:Perforce (Score 1) 319

Perforce is excellent. Their concept of changelists is clean and easy to use.

I have been stuck with abominations like Microft SourceSafe and IBM's godawful Rational suite, the latter of which is purchased by the same kind of idiots who like SAP, i.e. people their sales staff can easily suck on.

Comment Re:Yes, but ... (Score 1) 73

They didn't suck up to Chia during this period. The goal is freedom in these countries, and China has a great deal of economic freedom for its people now, even if speech is curtailed.

As the West is seeing (again and again, unfortunately, never learning the lesson) there is a lot more to freedom than just speech. It certainly seems to play only a small part at best in the increasing health and wealth of a nation, brought about by economic freedom for its citizens.

Ironically, if we want to crush them, we should encourage massive regulation and redistribution of wealth until they are of little consequence on the world stage, like Europe.

"I never let my schooling get in the way of my education." -- Mark Twain