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Comment Re:Dubious (Score 2) 20

No, if you stumble across something, you have freedom of speech and government cannot pre-silence you. Nothing save an imminent D Day type invasion launch would pass the Supreme Court, and they would mean imminent, like 24 hours.

Government has worked with anti-spyware people to overlook certain things in certain cases, if stories are to be believed, but that is voluntary.

Comment Re:Ironic (Score 2) 186

So freelance blackmailers are encroaching on their paid delete quasi-blackmail-wink-wink.

> people whose details were contained in the leak are beginning to face threats of blackmail.

"I see you joined Ashley Madison, Mr. Slashdotter, but nobody cheated with you. I will reveal your pathos unless you pay me 400 quatloos in Bitcoin."

Comment Re:Um, even worse news: (Score 1) 93

The more important point is using spectography to analyze planetary atmospherez for signs of life. This should be possible.

And if it is, and life is detected, we should be able to tell enough about it to make a guess as to whether it evolved independently, or was related to each other (or us) the way we can relate all life here via DNA.

Comment Re:And who was the big believer in carbon credits? (Score 1) 140

Every country gets some credits to play with. China demanded a buttload more because we'll just step it up and inhale whatever everyone else saves anyway and nobody cares. I sure don't.

We won't recognize the world in 100 years, and I don't mean global warming. The faster we get there by tech advancement, the better.

Comment Re:Glad they didn't read the books (Score 4, Funny) 193

Jesus was the prophesied one and he came back to life after being killed by soldiers of the powers that be, after being betrayed by a trusted colleague.

He could heal people and cast out demons that invaded their minds.

He was, wait. Oh my god. He was just like Neo in The Matrix. They must have based him on Neo.

Comment Inevitable (Score 2) 52

"It took a few years," the wise one continued, "but once they polished a cure up, the clamor for smoking in public places built gloriously until a few years later, when those pollies removed the laws. They knew what side their bread was buttered on, which was the only reason they changed it in the first place."

"What a bizarre little period that was," we stated.

"Yes. It was."

"What did the fussbudgettry turn their attentions to, then?"

"Oh, I don't know. Anti 3D printed sex slave robots or something. They didn't have mouths genetically engineered growing outta their taints to give the what-for to their own junk, as guaranted by International Rights today, back in those days."


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