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Comment: Re:News for Nerds? (Score 1) 512

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#48271261) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

They are an evolutionary dead end.

Perhaps. Bit it will hihligjt once and for all humans are not just evolving DNA but the twin streams of data: DNA and memes.

For millenia, anti-gay memes kept gays breeding in families, preserving whatever, if it's there, of DNA gay-related.

Now that meme pressure is gone. It will take centuries if not more to see if gayness evolves away now.

It's all pointless really, as humans will control their DNA by computer analysis, probably within the lifespan of some currently alive.

Comment: Re:Ninety Three Years (Score 1) 389

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#48269357) Attached to: Imagining the Future History of Climate Change

This issue is a result of the runaway success of freedom-based capitalism in providing food at ever-cheaper rates.

Now too much food is the problem. Fair enough. I'll take it (glances at the rest of human history and much of the world today.). It's better than the alternative.

Historically, economists talked in terms of calories produced per person, and nutrition produced per person, and dollars per calorie produced, when analyzing poverty and starvation. What a wonderful problem to have, seeing the far end of that curve, where it starts being a problem.

Comment: Re:warnings are out there (Score 1) 389

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#48269221) Attached to: Imagining the Future History of Climate Change

These are plug-and-play religions, regardless of veracity, as far as their meme template goes.

Religion: "Give me an all-encompassing power over you, and I will give you an afterlife reward."

Politics is the same, but usually talks of 5 and 10 year plans that never seem to materialize, but are always comfortably past the next election, when hopefully things have gotten better on their own.

100 year forecasts, wow.

Well, people in 100 years reading this. I hope we ignored this guy and left you with amazing tech we can scarcely imagine, rather than crap scarcely better than we have now. I hope you are all living in virtual worlds, your bodies tended to by robots.

Comment: Re:warnings are out there (Score 1) 389

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#48269101) Attached to: Imagining the Future History of Climate Change

The year 1900 could not imagine the tech we have nowadays. A pox on them were they to do draconian measures slamming on the brakes on economic dynamism, leaving us with miserable 1950s tech instead of 2014.

How much more idiotic we are if we do the same to "help" those in 2093 or whatever the hell this clueless yokel is imagining.

I'll take an "abandoned" continent and 2093 miracle tech (as 1900 might view our own) over desert, struggling Africa with 2048 tech in the year 2093.

Comment: Re:umm.. what? (Score 1) 145

> we put you in the box

And hold still!

Two hours later: "When taking measurements in the box, it appears just his hand remains in quantum superposition state, or keeps re-entering it. It is changing between two measured positions rapidly, say, up and down. Fascinating!"

Comment: so low (Score 1) 133

(Sits down at new uber-Alienware.)

"Jimmy, why aren't you doing anything?"

"All the current MMOs suck. The only fun ones are ancient and boring, like WoW, or dead, like City of Heroes."

"There will be a CoH clone soon."

"Maybe. In two years. Everything now is a god damned action pew pew MMO with no soul. Ever feel alone in a crowd of a few dozen other players? Somehow these fuckers manage it with trivial soloability."

Comment: Frauds (Score 1) 173

Thank you! I am full bore libertarian, but this is fraud. Go get 'em!

Next up: Compabies selling me Internet servislce at certain speeds, then throttling Netflix and YouTube unless they pay a kickback. I didn't consent to it in my contract with the cable company. You provide X speed (within your network you control) for all things. If it's clogged, it all slows down. Throttling for extortion is extortion and fraud on that.

Go get those frauds, too.

Comment: Re:Why would I assume it has been settled? (Score 1) 403

Even the "no calory sweetener" generic hypothesis, that the taste preps the body for a rush of incoming sugar that never appears, causing disease, is a load of BS. Along with the diet pop come tons of bread, buns, fries, chips, Doritos, macaroni and cheese, whatever.

But almost every meal is choked with carbs which jam up the blood sugar as surely as the jelly or frosting on a cake would...and then some several times over.

So any "prep" for incoming sweets is more than satisfied with carb overload turning to glucose.

Comment: Re:You mean the same precautionary principle that (Score 1) 403

People who are thinner tend to prefer a sweerer whipped concoction than fat people, who prefer a fatter, not sweet whipped concoction. That knowledge is 30 years old.

Fat people are fat because of savory desires rather than sweets (to borrow a culinary term for non-sweets cooking AKA most cooking).

But i's thr breads and cereals aspect -- grains, in bread and pasta, that generates excess calories and sugar in the blood. Too much the form of those buns and fries with that paltry 300 calories of burger-and-cheese in a Big Mac.

Comment: Re:I'm all in favor... (Score 1) 403

"Ancient thought patterns" have done nothing to move people beyond simple huts. It is reality itself sorely in need of modern asskicking as it is reality that gives disease and starvation.

Advancing tech is what saves us, and freedom. They are interrelated to advance at the fastest rate., and solve issues faster than they become serious leading to an ever-increasing quality and length of life. Hell, western obesity is a result of kicking the starvation issue too hard, with food so cheap it's almost free, and the poorest are he fattest in the US.

Nature? Fuck nature. I am for the complete Trantorization of Earth. Why? Because I fucking love humanity and its masses yearning to breathe free and live llong with healthy lives and lots of stuff.

Exactly what everyone claims...then they launch into their pet political philosophies AKA quasi-religions. The only real politics is what advances technology fastest to execute murderous nature. What has it done for us lately?


No, seriously. Besides being a meme-justofication for certain quasi-religions and their power dominance.

Comment: Re:FUBAR Deluxe (Score 1) 307

The math is simple. At 2 miles per hour, it takes a fat programmer 1 hour to go ten miles.

Their ranger in a game, however, can probably do it in 6 on a horse. Or their non-superspeed hero in City of Heroes (RIP) in 3 1/4 minutes as they ran at 37 mph. In their Eve ship from a dead stop, maybe 30s, for a bloated one.

My 5 inch wide slug railguns oh baby how many level 95s do you have in WoW?

To thine own self be true. (If not that, at least make some money.)