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Comment Re:Well, that's embarrassing (Score 1) 611

Actually C14 skyrocketted with atomic tests, so much so they've been able to map how long the average cell lives based on the year-to-year curve (!) Then in the 1960s, above ground testing was banned, and levels are returing to normal.

Science has about 10 or so years to figure out the rest of it before the deltas are so small as to be useless, in studying cell age.

There is a whole Radiolab about it.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 813

1) Buy a nice house. 2) Buy a nice car to stick in the garage. 3) Pay off all bills and ex wife. 4) Continue downloading porn when not eating out from my penthouse. 5) Hide as much as legally possible from the mooching meme sensibility used by politicians to gain power. 6) Donate to them, playing their game of paying them to get back out of the way, which is why they got in the way to begin with, using aformentioned meme as hoi polloi fraudulent cover story.

Eventually) Die, and they take a huge chunk of it anyway, having taxed it all once already.

Comment $57 for Zaxxon, yikes! (Score 1) 62

$108,000 / 900 = $120 per cartridge

Assuming $40 price in 1982, after inflation, that is $98.92, so an "investor" would profit about $20 per. That doesn't account for shipping, and assuming his mom let him store them in the basement for free next to his bed.

Of course you could buy them for a dollar a pound soon after release.

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