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Comment Re: Jews In Space! (Score 1) 49

Idiot downmodders, go learn some history. There's an apocryphal meme floating around that Hitler hampered Germany's nuclear physics by forbidding using Einstein's stuff because he was Jewish.

This sarcastically called those "Jewish physics" in this context.

God damn, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Get back to tumblr or wherever the hell you edumicated yourself.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 2) 181

This was on top of 15 years of ridiculous increases. In the early 2000s my house went up $500 a year. When I moved out after 10 years, the last two of which had a similar 2% max, the taxes had gone from $4200 to $7800.

Greedy politicians can suck it. Taxes are not even yet down to where they should be. Politicans ripped off citizens for years for amounts tied to house prices AKA housing bubble inflation rather than general inflation.

Comment Fries cooked with trans fats legally too! (Score 2) 49

McDonald's should take the opportunity to fund a $50 million pre-launch that lands a small habitat on the moon, well-stocked and waiting, for an extended stay if necessary (this is how we should go to Mars BTW) complete with a tiny McDonald's in it where they can buy four Big Macs, run by one astronaut who is also a legal McDonald's employee.

McDonald's, are you listening?

Comment Re:The money quote (Score 2) 173

I was under the impression the Supreme Court had already ruled you can encrypt as the encrypted message is protected speech, too.

That should be the case if not, but I do remember reading that. This was also why the government could get away wth banning export of encryption devices, but not the speech itself.

Comment Pro am (Score 5, Funny) 106


"In this corner, weighing in at 327, the Buttonmasher from Boston, the World Champeen Jason 'Couch Potato' Johnson!

"And in this corner, weighing in at 294, the Dollar Menu Don, the Permanent Indenter, Phil 'And a Diet Coke, lite on the ice, please' Pullman.

Comment Re:From TFA (Score 0) 383

most of the decline in capacity factors is due to expensive "base-load plants that are being turned on less because of renewables," according to BNEF analyst Jacqueline Lilinshtein. Plants designed to come online only during the highest demand of the year,

Translation: "Fossil fuel plants suck because they are more and more used only when solar and wind are not working, nights, cloudy, calm times, and peak times we cannot handle !!!1!111elev3nty1one!!!"

They note that with unobtanium batteries they will be able to take over peak loads too.

Comment Overrun (Score 3, Insightful) 170

Do wifi routers have their own spectrum? Perhaps there should be a set-aside just for short range, get-along-nicely protocols.

The clogging varies with the square of the range. It is stupid to allow a handful of transmissions to clog up a million houses in a city.

Alternatively, disallow telcos from charging for data sent over this spectrum. There you go!

Comment Re:This ruling won't fix anything (Score 1) 201

It's important to note the ruling did not judge if the US satisfied its requirements from the EU w.r.t. data handling. The ruling just loudly notes the NSA and any other legal entity may ignore those rules at will, so they are meaningless, and hence the EU commission was wrong to issue a judgement blanket approving the US.

There was also legal wrangling that a national commission (e.g. Ireland's, in this case) may examine protections independently of commission judgements (a clarification on how the protection enforcement rules are set up), and if it conflicts with a commission judgement, may kick it up to the EU court even if it cannot directly overrule the EU commission. This allowed the Irish high court to challenge the blanket US approval by doing just that.

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