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Comment Re:And when she reneges (Score 1) 515 515

This forum, in spite of the leftward shift in recent years ("What in god's name does this or that story have to do witb News for Nerds???") is somewhat balanced.

On another I read, the vast majority are walking around with EFB, Erections For Bernie, so long lasting and firm they're well past the point they "should seek medical care".

Comment Futile (Score 2) 258 258

This tech exists already and only needs polishing. Auto-tracking and aiming. That will continue to be developed regardless. Slap it on a mobile Google car bought at the dealer, give it a route, and let 'er go!

Having humans decide who gets killed by the robot, as opposed to the robot deciding, is an added feature, and thus disposable to core dancing bear functionality.

For it to work it has to be banned by international law so rogue states can be punished. But it is trivial with soon-to-exist pieces.

Comment Re:Under what authority? (Score 5, Insightful) 272 272

Yes. They could arrest him immediately on the warrants, which is separate. But as he did not physically appear, it amounts to needing pre-clearance from government, on content, to speak in a public forum, which a park is.

And that is an easy win for the First Amendment. They should get nailed in a lawsuit.

Comment Re:Why do browsers allow websites to do this? (Score 1) 325 325

> Many websites don't allow copy or paste, or even selecting/highlighting text.

It is silly not to allow copy out of a password field while allowing paste in, as hack code that copied it out would be taking advantage of it being in the paste buffer, which is exactly what copying to paste it in leaves you with. So, too the "Oops, I walked away mid-login" manual breach issue.

I guess it comes down to which way is more likely to lead to more breaches -- brute cracks of simpler passwords or copy buffer hacks.

Given a hack would have many tools and dangers besides spying on passwords, that leaves just manual walk up to a (perhaps temporarily) abandoned terminal mid-login as the differentiator, and that is very weak to me.

Just the other day I had a crazy reset-your-password password mailed to me, and the system forbid paste, an it jusrt made me rage. You're damned right I would go back to a simpler pw as soon as possible.

Comment Unregulated speech, must stop at all costs! (Score 5, Insightful) 272 272

Had he physically appeared, they could have arrested him as the warrants are independent of free speech. But you don't get to censor speech, even by people with warrants. Parks count as public fora with respect to speech.

And as for "they agreed he would not perform" giving them leverage, that may work over the warrant issue, but as he did not physically appear, it amounts to needing to get pre-clearance from government on what you are going to speak about in a public forum, which is a no no. Good luck with that at the lawsuit trial.

Comment Re:Won't allow forwarding? (Score 3, Insightful) 190 190

Really. Is there some hidden API into gmail? And receiver can do whatever it wants with the email, includ8ng forward, via cut and paste if necessary, assuming bizarre behavior from gmail.

And what of gmail's safety backups? How long before gmail clobbers those?

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