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Comment: Re:What a monstrosity posing as a webpage (Score 1) 124

I fail to see how taking up 40% of the screen real estate in landscape mode on a cell phone is "adapted well to mobile".

The asses who do this do not even give an optional close box on these overlays. I look forward to urinating on the grave of the software engineer who invented this monstrosity.


AT&T Plans To Launch Internet Video Service 43

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An anonymous reader writes "AT&T officially announced on Tuesday their intention to launch a Netflix-like service in collaboration with an investment group run by a former Fox president. AT&T is following in the footsteps of Verizon, which partnered with Redbox in 2012 to offer the same type of service, and like Verizon, is also still negotiating with Netflix on payments to not throttle Netflix traffic."

Comment: Re:Are spawn waves gone? (Score 1) 78

What irritated me was the long cooldowns on powers, combined with magical thieves everywhere who attacked out of invisibility then went back invisible, repeat.

Fights devolved into protracted attrition rolls of the dice, where you tried to position non-casters to eat these every-round hyper backstabs until your casters' blasts recycled. Tank could eat two, everyone else a 1-hit 1-round speed bump sacrifice. If they backstabbed a caster, sigh, reload. If one of your blasts didn't hit, or for enough, sigh, reload.

There was no game, just a stupid strategy to repeat until the rolls went your way.

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Those people are lacking principles. DRM is intolerable to anyone with a brain.

Why is it intolerable? My home computer has had "always-on Internet" for 10 years now. People are even forgetting that advertising slogan it's been so long. Assuming non-buggy DRM, occasional Internet outages hardly qualify as an intolerable interruption.

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While there might be some useful aspects to veganism wrt losing weight in a society with the ahistorical problem of too much food, generally it's just one of the latest in a fad of things where you feel you've latched onto some truth of the universe...and you're so sure you're right you feel justified shoving it down other people's throats. With the force of law if you can swing it.

So it is politics. It is religion. They are the same phenomenon.

Comment: Re:Why are we giving people like Cody any attentio (Score 1) 207

He is correct -- the left and the right fight over power, and what to do with it. But they both operate under the principle almost unlimited power is long as our side wields it for things we lioe.

Precious few stand up anymore and say the existence of that much power, as a prize no less, is the wrong thing in itself. This was the attitude of the founding fathers, and of modern libertarians, which your meme masters have programmed you to think of as the service of getting you to behave in a manner that spreads that power-is-right meme.

Comment: how (Score 1) 270

Details are light and scary claims heavy. I can't see half a million dying unless all the planes fall out of the sky and all hospital equipment fries. Maybe a few thousand on the roads as confused old people find themselves without power steering and brakes.

Just two billion to harden the commercial air fleet and hospital equipment? Please.

"The chain which can be yanked is not the eternal chain." -- G. Fitch