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Comment: No, the cat doesn't actually "got my tongue". (Score 1) 7

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#46777953) Attached to: Progress Report On Slashdot Beta

You might get better respect making it a fun new option to try during development rather than picking victims to flip on the switch. Try putting a "Try beta!" link on the classic home page, and a "Go back to classic!" link on every, not just home, beta page. I do not see a beta link on my home page.

Let people feel in control, and they will try it.

Also, as an aside, I like double-checking my posts for mods, so that link to show me my recent posts, with +mod on each, is desired so I can joyously continue working towards my 2^^8 power +5, which should continue to show under awards.

Speaking of which, some awards have no real explanation of what they mean. The Tagger? The Contradictor? The Maker? No, don't tell me here. I don't care, here.

Comment: Re:Greedy bastards ... (Score 0) 409

Corporations are constituted by people, who do not give up free speech rights when they enggage in busiiness. Congress has no authority to do so because of the first amendment. Congress may not create groups of people then require them to give up free speech as a cost of entry into the group.

As for your example from this week, Congress' ability to force companies to say things is heavily oriented around preventing deception and fraud.

Jamming one's political opinion out the mouth of a corporation is similarly not allowed.

Comment: Re:the 70's called (Score 2) 338

Well, I've been warning against any mitigation of gw -- moving inland slowly over 100-300 years is a minor hassle (buildings get old anyway).

But accidentally overshooting and inducing an ice age (which can start in as little as 1-2 years) will actually and rapidly kill billions.

Comment: Blue Harvest (Score 3, Funny) 90

I know a guy who did something similar but they saved the fingers. He ripped through 3 fingers and split the thumb halfway up. The scars lined up rather wincingly, I mean convincingly.

Anyway, the best joke in Family Guy's Blue Harvest is removed in reruns.

At the end, Luke, sitting with robot finishing his new robot hand: Can I try it out?

Robot doctor: I'd try it on a hot dog first.

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