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Comment Re:Interesting argument (Score 1, Redundant) 81 81

Nobody in a free society should be a fan of unelected people taking vast new control over a huge new domain that did not exist when Congress created this law some time around the Flintstones era.

Congress should do its job and decide what, if anything, such should be like, rather than unelected bureaucrats stretching the law to fit...and give themselves power.

It is precisely because politicians can hide and play a game of "I had nothing to do with this", if things go wrong, that that state should be denied to them.

Comment Touch it with a 12 mile pole. (Score 3, Interesting) 129 129

You get the 12 mile military and 200 mile fishing limits for your land per international law. However, this must be land above the water. You cannot find land under the surface, dump tons of dirt on it, and claim those rights, per same law.

This doesn't mean you can't create the islands, but you can't do the 12 mile/200 mile thing. China thinks it can.

Comment Re:Didn't realize Ms Streisand was French (Score 1) 300 300

Money, being literally coins of precious metal, had intrinsic worth. Said government or bank could go to hell or lose a war, and you still have the value.

In that way, it started as merely another form of trade, a convenience to hold value from one sale until you found what you wanted to buy.

If the US went belly up, you have numbers on paper. When Kuwait was invaded, they were on a gold standard, but good luck going down to the Kuwaiti government requesting gold for paper, with a Saddam guy there.

Comment Re:Missing the big picture (Score 2) 300 300

From a US perspective, perhaps. But truth is not a defense in Europe, even for public figures (who thus use censorship to protect their power by preventing criticism.)

The legal power to silence criticism is at the core of the absolutist nature of the First Amendment. Government doesn't get to decide what kinds of criticism are permitted, by them, the people in power with police behind them.

Comment Re:better late than never (Score 0) 74 74

How do you prosecute people for not forseeing a double-whammy overcoming triple redundancy?

Humanity learns these things the hard way. And if someone imagined it later, talk to politicians and businessmen for not upgrading it, not engineers.

Also, wtf with the pylon issue, people? Just put the generators on the third floor of a mildly reinforced building, i.e. metal beams sunk into cement, details left for a sophomore civil engineer. No need for something Daffy Duck might like.

Comment Re:How? (Score 1) 368 368

This. The early days of the Internet were loaded with "Enter credit card number to verify your are legally an adult", and soon someone in Asia was charging stuff to you and threatening to send letters to your employer to ask why you are a scumbucket who doesn't pay their porn bills for

I'm sure some politicians would be fine with that as a cryptic disincentive to something they frown upon (when preening in public, not when their wives to shopping of course) and even having to give a real name for that matter.

Comment Re:Sounds Great (Score 1) 66 66

Walmart also has the cheapest glucose strips around, about $9 for 50 of the ReLion Prime. This whomps the ass of the OneTouch generic shared among pharmacy chains, at $37/50, when I switched several years ago.

When the biggest complaint TV shows like Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park can make is they are saving people too much money, well...

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