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Comment: Re:Modern Day Anti-Evolutionists (Score 2) 365

We will. That has happened repeatedly in the past. It is no more logical for us to worry about humanity in 100 years than it would have been for people in 1900 to worry about us today.

Think of how much has been invented -- yet they would have been concerned about horse poop buildup and poop dust all over everything. 'Let's limit use of horses!" slowing the economy and leaving us with, say, 1980 level tech, "helping" absolutely no one.

So, to people 100 years from now. What did we do? Keep a powerful economy so you can have flying cars and autodocs, or weaken and hobble is so you don't?

We are the people in 1900 looking to hobble ourselves to "help" those way off in the future...of 2014.

Thanks for the "help".

Comment: Re:better than what we have now (Score 4, Insightful) 245

I am not sure what planet you're yabbering from. They made a request. This is the opposite of hijacking.

From DC's point of view, it's called being nice. They need only send a letter agreeing to it, and they get good will. If they are tied up in exclusivity contracts, you have a quick conference call with those other businesses and explain the following: At this point, I would be in favor of an organized boycot of the upcoming Superman/Batman movie

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by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#47398777) Attached to: Police Using Dogs To Sniff Out Computer Memory

This training can be completely subconscious by the trainer, too. A little flinch, slowing down, anything, and the dog reacts because that's what he's trained to do, in addition to actually smelling something.

Various "intelligent" animals that count out the answers to simple math problems were traced to the trainer relaxing after the animal had tapped X times, and the animal saw it and knew it was time to stop tapping. Researchers could predict when the animal would stop tapping by watching only the researcher, not seeing the animal, and not even knowing the question.

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The entire concept is a joke because most countries' security are even more intrusive than the US, and abusing spying on their own citizens to the political benefit of the people in power there is long-term standard behavior.

My gripe with the current NSA issues is writing "Ya know, agent, ya really should get a warrant first" on a piece of paper is no barrier whatsoever to a G. Gordon Liddy type spying on citizens for some faction's political gain. I'm trying to stop that which goes on all the time in other countries.

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