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Comment: Trvth (Score 1) 125

I am fine with AT&T and Verizon charging Netflix for priority service...if they must list at the top of their contract with you, "We give you unlimited service for xxx dollars a month, except for when you try to use Netflix. In that case, we have threatened to slow down Netflix to irritate you unless Netflix gives us $2 of the $8 a month you give them."

Truth in advertising. Let's see how long these fraudulent extortionists last in their plan when their business model is dragged out in front of the face of their millions of customers.

Comment: Don't forget to balance Superman and Batman! (Score 2) 50

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#48008579) Attached to: Infinite Crisis' Superhero Origins Story

- Ultra-premium AKA ultra-high-priced franchise, DC superheroes, check!
- Massive committees in charge, check!
- Done by Turbine, part of Microsoft, check!
- YADC (Yet Another DOTA Clone) in an aging genre with a saturated market, check!
- DC's move belatedly into "action" MMORPGs, and Marvel's into "action" Diablo-clones both flopped miserably, check!

What could possibly go wrong?

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its a problem with ANY group or individual that want to decide what's "best for you."

what's best for you never seems to be very good for them.

This includes government "groups". I worked for a large multinational with engineering sites in many countries, including over 400 engineere in Germany.

After a large round of layoffs about 10 years ago, the German office was proud to have laid off nobody, bragging about it, and being in accordance with German laws making it tough.

So they went to the German office and government and said, You can either lose 100 jobs, or 400. The choice is yours."

The government caved.

Comment: Ring the alarum bells (Score 1) 212

With sloppy controls and logging, this can be abused by those in power to spy on their political opponents. I am convinced this is goong on in the US.

This is why there are supposed to be things like warrant requirements. If you can skip that with no alarm bells going off, goodbye freedom.

Comment: East Asia or Something (Score 1) 124

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#47968701) Attached to: Before Using StingRays, Police Must Sign NDA With FBI

"Advanced cell phone tracking devices known as StingRays allow police nationwide to home in on suspects and to log individuals present at a given location. But before acquiring a StingRay, state and local police must sign a nondisclosure agreement with the FBI, according todocuments released via a MuckRock FOIA request
. As Shawn Musgrave reports,it's an unusual setup arrangement for two public agencies to swear each other to secrecy
, but such maneuvers are becoming more common."

- Excerpt from the forbidden novel "1983".

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