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Comment: You get nothing. Good day, sir! (Score 4, Insightful) 147

If I were a schill for big business, I'd be all, "Yeah yeah! Do it! Let's compensate by geoengineering!"

DO NOT DO THIS. If it works and you overshoot, you'll induce another ice age, which can happen in as few as a couple of years. Unlike moving in from the oceans over 100-300 years (a nuisance, and less damaging to human life than slowing technological advancement by massive intervention in the economy) an ice age will indeed, and actually, and rapidly kill billions of people.

Lik Willy Wonka, I will sigh and burble flatedly, "No. Stop. Don't do it." but the children won't listen.

Comment: Re:As a chrono-American, I can remember... (Score 2) 110

I knew Australia was in trouble, freedom-wise, when a judge stripped a dwarf of his right to be tossed in bars for profit, saying it violated the dwarf's "dignity".

So he stripped the dwarf of the dignity of being a sef-reliant, self-deciding, sovereign individual and turned him into a ward of his local royal highness.

  " I decide when you have dignity, not you, dwarf!"

Comment: Re:As a chrono-American, I can remember... (Score 5, Interesting) 110

> This is a libertarian utopia

You, sir, are ignorant.

The vast majority in prison are for drug or other consenting pseudo-crimes, none of which would be there in a libertarian utopia.

Secondly, libertarians are fine with government-run prisons. It's one of the few things we think government should actually do. Calving it off for private (which wouldn't be even suggested with a vastly reduced prison population) to for-profit private enterprise is a. thing people woupd be agnostic about until proven better. In any case, that's driven by decidedly un-libertarian types like Cheney.

Comment: Re:Screwed... (Score 1) 327

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#47670651) Attached to: California May Waive Environmental Rules For Tesla

HAW HAW HAW!!! My theory remains undefeated and regnant supreme: These environmental regulations, like most other government realms of intrusion, are about getting "useful idiots" AKA True Believers, to line up behind certain politicians in a power grab, and that that, in turn, is to let them wield power to extort kickbacks. Value of the environmentalism per se is irrelevant to the power struggle. That's a meme to get you to behave in ways that support the power grab.

Remember that: I could grant 100% validity to the value of environmentalism's every last bleat, and it still wouldn't alter the power dynamics.

Except in this case they went to far and put themselves over a barrel.

This plot would make a perfect thread to insert into Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. "But we didn't really mean to kill off your enterprise -- we rely on it for jobs to maintain our power. We just want you to play ball."

I estimate a 60% chance of a downmod as some meme defense mechanism activates in the brain of a True Believer, and they downmod to help protect the meme guiidng their actions

Comment: Re:This is going to end so well for them! (Score 1) 147

Torrents are designed to have many points sending small amounts of data. It's not for giant pseudo-servers. With lots of people, net downloads should be almost as fast.

Hell if you ran the software self-throttling uploads, we'd never have these issues.

Comment: Re:It's easy to fix (Score 1) 557

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#47663295) Attached to: Apple's Diversity Numbers: 70% Male, 55% White

That just increases the pool of potential firelings.

A Politically Correct Recipe For Success:

"We need to increase diversity not for racist remediation, but because diversity increases quality of product and rate of invention in this bleeding-edge tech area. COMMENCE FIRING WHITE MALE ENGINEERS!"


> 55% White
> 6% Black

White: 72% of population
Black: 12% of population

White: 17% underrepresented
Black: 6% underrepresented

I assume they will be hiring three white people for every black person. Well, white chicks that is.

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