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Comment Yahoo! Mail...Site? (Score 1) 313

Wait...people actually still use web-based email? I thought everyone got their messages on their smartphones these days. I almost never use the web interface except for those rare and few occasions where I need to send a file from my computer specifically. And even then I'm apt to just punt it to Dropbox and send it from my phone anyway...

Comment Re:It's not popular... (Score 1) 310

It does depend on what you buy exactly. The 12 hour time release variants have 120mg / pill which makes 30 pills your daily cap and no more than 60 in a month (which, rather conveniently, covers a single user for the entire month at the recommended dose). The 24 hour variant has 240mg per pill. I do no recommend the 24 hour version though because the time release mechanism is sketchy and can sometimes dissolve immediately resulting in...undesirable side effects. The side effects are tolerable in the 12 hour pills, but still quite uncomfortable. I have this feeling like my heart would explode if that happened with the 24 hour dose.

Comment Re:Thanks to the War on Drugs (Score 1) 310

Regular Claritin and Zyrtec don't have psuedoephedrine in them. The -D variants do. The government doesn't care about basic allergy pills, they care about meth precursors like pseudoephedrine. Unfortunately pseudoephedrine is the only really useful decongestant that we have at the moment.

Fun fact though, if you take one of those time-release Sudafeds that's supposed to last 12 hours - sometimes it will completely dissolve in an hour or so and dump the full dose into your system. It's like a caffeine buzz x2 when that happens and it makes my heart race like a jackhammer.

Comment Re:Judging by the story so far... (Score 1) 372

Divorce is a mutual dissolution. Contract law is abundantly clear that contracts can be amended or terminated. Marriage is no different. There's even provisions for unilateral termination if the terms from the other side are deemed unconscionable. Though the other party is still made aware up front that the contract is being terminated.

With cheating you are unilaterally breaking the terms of the agreement. This is a very different matter.

Comment Re: Judging by the story so far... (Score 1) 372

Okay, word switch then. It's unethical to cheat on your spouse if you made a specific oral contract not to do so (which is to say, unless you agreed to an open marriage before hand and exclusivity was not a part of your vows before witnesses). The vast majority of marriages include an exclusivity clause. It is unethical to facilitate a breach of contract. Therefore what Ashley Madison was unethical, though not necessarily illegal.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 698

He's just making the very valid point that there have been some sketchy rulings from SCOTUS lately. It's difficult when 5 justices decide to ignore the constitution and invent some twisted legal logic to come to the decision that they want. I don't think the founders saw that one coming.

Comment Re:Scott Adams said it best... (Score 1) 492

I'm not sure where you're getting your information from, but without legal status you don't get housing and income assistance. Period. Full stop. At best you qualify for food stamps, but good lord that's not much and I think we can all agree that people starving is a bad thing. But welfare, or public housing, or section 8? No. They only provide support for those with legal status. If someone is living in the house that doesn't have legal status the subsidy goes down specifically because the government won't support them.

I would really like to see your source for these "manuals" that the Mexican government has supposedly published. It sounds like a racist wet-dream more than an actual fact.

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