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Comment: Solution: You need an engaged electorate (Score 1) 163

You need people engaged enough to have someone run that supports closing the loophole, support them, vote them into office, and have them pass laws to close the loophole. I'm not sure how you can create an engaged electorate... you need to educate some of them (most folks already generally know that the system is corrupt... even a gut feeling/ wo knowledge of things like this... but some don't), and something to inspire/drive them into action... a charismatic leader? I think that's the magic sauce. I wish people weren't influenced by personality/appearances as much as we are... but we are social animals. I guess all we are waiting for is a charismatic leader (crosses finger and mutters "Please don't be a psycho, please don't be a psycho.")

Comment: Educating Snowden (Score 5, Insightful) 200

by Immerial (#49422935) Attached to: Snowden Demystified: Can the Government See My Junk?
I think John Oliver did an excellent job of educating Snowden on how to speak. I think it's something that many people her on slashdot struggle with. Put it in layman's terms. As John Oliver pointed out to Snowden... most people don't get what you are saying. All the geeks do... and are rightfully freaked-out/outraged by it ...but most regular people don't. But mention how the current programs captures all your 'dick pics'... and people start to get it. Hopefully this will help him in the future with how he communicates this with the American public ...and hopefully enough of the American public will be freaked out about it and push for roll-back/limits on these things.

Comment: That's Still A Lot (Score 2) 91

Even .1% of a billion devices, is still a lot of devices affected. Even that is still a very conservative number: lowest rate listed and a very small number of devices. This says there are ~1.6 billion phones (, which doesn't include tablets or any other devices. So percent-wise .1% sounds great... but numbers-wise I hope they get that percent even smaller ;) Just saying...

Comment: Look Ma, No Card (Score 1) 269

by Immerial (#49275317) Attached to: Fraud Rampant In Apple Pay
Here's how it gets easier. No cards to carry. I don't know about you but I carry four credit cards with me. Heck I could even imagine no wallet. One less thing to carry. Touch phone to reader... done. Works for other things too... unlike your credit card. Hotel door room, electronic key for your car/house, airline boarding passes, movie passes. (Yes, I mixing the two... but that shows the simplicity of it.) One phone to rule them all! (small print: "And in the darkness bind them.") :D

Comment: I'm waiting for the fan edit as well (Score 1) 351

by Immerial (#48664843) Attached to: Ars: Final Hobbit Movie Is 'Soulless End' To 'Flawed' Trilogy
...or in this case, it might as well be called the fan un-edit. I will definitely have a copy of all the movies... but will be one of the first to download a fan edit that is closer to the original story. Hopefully there is enough material in there to repair it. (First thing that comes to mind is the barrel amusement park ride.) If we are in luck, Peter captured a lot of extra footage that could be used from the extras. I still see it big enough for two movies.

Comment: Kickbacks... I wish (Score 1) 135

by Immerial (#48060649) Attached to: Apple To Face $350 Million Trial Over iPod DRM
Sadly, the reason the RealMedia stuff is still around is due to legacy files. Since they were the leader in streaming for a bunch of years, there are still a lot of files still in this format. I currently have 569 RM files that I need to replace with the ones that I've converted to mp4 and mp3. The older stuff is lower priority so it probably won't be done for another year or two... ugh.

Comment: Technically it is supported (Score 1) 554

It may not be supported by the latest OS 10.9.x but it is still supported by Lion 10.7.x and Lion is still getting OS updates from Apple. So you are still supported. Eventually that will change once they release Yosemite in the next few months. Apple generally doesn't support more than a couple versions back... basically to cover their 3yr. Apple Care extended warranty. That combined with their OS versions gives you around 5 years minimum of support. While not ideal... it's not too bad.

I also think the hardware support will lengthen as most don't need much more power to email, browse, watch videos, etc. OS versions will probably support older and older hardware, unless some new feature comes along that needs more processing power (better language processing?). My Mac Mini (Early 2009) it will be supported with Yosemite 10.10... which means even if that's the latest it can support... it will end up with minimum of ~8years of support. I think that is pretty good.

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