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Comment Re:Where again? (Score 1) 102

Flamebait responding to flamebait. Who wants to respond to this?

Well me apparantly, since I don`t get this comparison that frequently comes up. The geographic knowledge of internal states of a nation is more detailed knowledge than geographic knowledge of reasonably sized nations. Not just a size thing either. Wyoming is big, but Sakha is 12x bigger, and most people still don`t know its location.

Comment Re:How gracefully does it fail? (Score 1) 147

Oh I`m pretty sure you wouldn`t want to be near any sort of metal penetrated high voltage super capacitor. I mean high voltage, low ESR, high energy density, short circuit. What could possibly go wrong.

On the other hand. With so much energy and power density, there is so much that could go right!

Comment Re:Furthermore, Saudi Arabia must be destroyed (Score 1) 399

Economically viable large scale fusion reactors would hardly make a difference on oil countries. Grid power generation from petroleum amounts to around 5% (only 1% in the USA). In cars the electricity is already considered next to free compared to the price of battery through its lifetime. And batteries are not energy dense enough yet to power long distance planes and ships. So I believe it would not do much to the Saudis.

Comment Re:Just what I need (Score 2) 111

Its important to note that it was really a 29$ computer with shipping included. I remember during the campaign even if you wanted 100 pieces, you would still pay 29$ x 100. And with that price I can already buy a tablet with the tablet stuff for a similar price with shipping included (currently listed as 31$).

Comment Re:German illegal? (Score 1) 323

Given the ownership of the land in question was and is arguable, I think you overstate your case. The Mexicans fired on US troops who where occupying land that Mexico understood the US had annexed when they admitted the Republic of Texas into the union. They knew full well that a war could be the result of this action, but they did it anyway. They then lost the SECOND attempt to retain this land by force, this time to the USA...

The Mexicans shot first. But its not as if the annexation of Texas supported by illegal american immigrants isnt an act of war either. Apparently said immigrants were not happy about Mexico abolishing slavery. Mexico didnt have the military might to win the war, but you cant blame them for being upset about it.

BUT, the real clincher is the sale of additional lands to the USA. Had Mexico felt it had a claim to the lands taken previously, why on earth did they sell *more* land to the USA? I think that clearly establishes that Mexico had dropped all claims to the lands to the north of the purchased land and wanted to establish a well defined border with the USA which stands to this day.

They knew they had lost, with no opportunity in sight to win their land back.

Comment Re:German illegal? (Score 2) 323

Did we take territory from Mexico during a war? Of course, during the war we actually took ALL of Mexico, seems to me we gave a lot of it back and I'd bet that the people who live there now wish we had kept it all. Also don't forget that this war was to protect the disputed areas called Texas which had already declared it's independence and then joined the Union in 1845. Territory that had gone though multiple country's hands, including France, Spain before Mexico ended up with it. But this war was initiated by Mexico's attacks, and when the USA totally defeated Mexico, we gave most of it back to them.

Not to take away from your speech, but I believe you are severely downplaying the Mexican conquest. Mexico lost almost half their territory, while USA increased almost 50% in size. I wouldnt be so quick to mark Mexico as the first agressor in the war either. Pre independence, Texas was first pretty much conquered by US settlers, in a somewhat similar fashion to how the Muslim arabs conquered Lebanon from the Christian arabs.

Not that this changes how the USA is good or bad today

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