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Comment Happens to any 'on top' company (Score 1) 428

Won't this exact thing happen to Tesla once they plateau? Things move much slower in the auto sector, but Tesla hits 50% market share in a few years/decades, then they'll be facing the exact same problem. They'll be part of the old established club and fancy new startups will be taking all their talents.

This is just how it works. More at 11:00.

Comment Shouldn't Chrome should be doing this? (Score 1) 165

Isn't it very likely that users would have 'regular' Chrome running almost all the time and periodically open up incognito tabs to do banking or just browse pr0n. Once finished, they would close the incognito tabs/windows but would most likely keep Chrome itself running for a good while longer.

Another use case is working in MS Word on two documents at once. One is top secret, the other is not, you finish with the top secret one and close it, but you keep working on the other document, keeping Word open.

In those situations neither the OS or the graphics driver would get the ok to clear out memory as the application itself is still running. The OS could (maybe) protect memory assigned to specific apps, if that is possible with video RAM?

Maybe running separate processes for each window/tab sidesteps this?

I have no idea, but certainly this isn't as simple as clearing video RAM after closing an app since the app isn't closed

Comment Re: Derpal (Score 1) 55

What in the world are you trying to do with the site?

Yes, updating a drupal site is a bit of a pain (and going from major version to major version is a real pain), but other than that, it handles content creation and management just fine.

If you're getting requests from marketing to create new sections or completely new content types with fancy new functionality, then no CMS makes that part easy.

Comment Re:Land Mine ... Attack? (Score 2) 170

That whole landmine story still doesn't sit well with me. It's not very good border security if a couple guys with a backpack full of mines can just wander around un-noticed.

Yeah, I get that they're set up against a large full scale invasion, but you'd think with all the fancy technology they have on display, and especially with previous small-team infiltrations, they would be on top of things. (I know, I know, armchair quarterbacking.)

Comment Re:Who ever needed dropbox? (Score 1) 73

This lowers the bandwidth/data requirements for places that are already using Dropbox. Surely a terrible thing. Never have I heard of a company improving their product to the benefit of it's customers.

Should they be getting a patent on this, probably not, but that is the game that is being played for the time being. Better them, who will actually use it, than some patent holding company who will hold it hostage.

If you cannot see the benefits of network storage like Dropbox (or Google Drive / Skydrive / Box / OwnCloud) then I think you must just now be waking up from a coma.

Comment Holy Flamebait headline Batman! (Score 1) 366

So human makes calculation on paper. The result is 66,400kg. Human then enters the same number onto a tablet.

Sure the human involved sucked at math and got the wrong result in the first place, but he copied the (wrong) result into the tablet perfectly fine.

How does this have anything to do with the tablet?

(yes, all this stuff should probably be automatically generated in this day and age, but that is a different discussion to have)

Comment No credit, no problem (Score 1) 360

Is being primarily cash-only (SUICA being an extension of this) such a bad thing? Sure, credit is convenient, but as we've seen over and over again, people can't really be trusted with it.

With the spread of SUICA into convenience stores and other not high cost places like restaurants, Japan might be able to cut out banks all together from day-to-day live, and I think that would be just great! Yes the services banks provide have their place, but paying 5 bucks a month for a crappy 10 transaction chequing account where you worry about what special order your deposits and withdrawals will be processed is not what I would call progress.

Comment Re:Or perhaps... (Score 1) 618

This. I never thought that the general gaming population were such prudes.

Grumbling under their mustaches about the crap that big publishers have been doing for years, but upon hearing allegations that a women used sex to procure favorable review of a no-name indie game, they were just roused to action. Grabbing their pitchforks and all that. /s /s /ss?

Sarcasm, but serious. Not everyone's favourite Godwining backup band.

Comment Re:Google Keep (Score 2) 227

It helps a bit in determining which of all those notes floating in 'the clouds' are yours.

I do like the idea of all notes by all people getting dumped onto a server and syncing back to everyone. Then having to come up with creative ways to find the ones that are yours.


A good few years ago, people deemed wireless syncing between desktops, phones, tablets, fridges, cars, the NSA, and everything in between a good thing. To accomplish such a thing, unsurprisingly, an account of some type is required.

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