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Comment: Re:A simple request. (Score 1) 623

by Imazalil (#46516355) Attached to: Russian Army Spetsnaz Units Arrested Operating In Ukraine

The problem is that if 'we' (the west generally speaking) keep ignoring things, not wanting to start world wars and stuff, will eventually realize that there is no choice and face a foe that is already geared up and rolling.

Just think of all the Russians that are US citizens and/or are on US soil, they surely need protecting as well.

Comment: Re:$100,000? Try $0 and some competence. (Score 1) 461

by Imazalil (#46465673) Attached to: The $100,000 Device That Could Have Solved Missing Plane Mystery

First line in your NORAD link is "North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD, /nræd/) is a combined organization of the United States and Canada that provides aerospace warning, air sovereignty, and defense for North America."

Please do tell which state or province/territory Malaysia falls under?

Comment: Re:Well ... what do you expect (Score 1) 479

Seriously. Marching your military onto another country's territory without consent is a declaration of war. It's that simple, and yes, the US is just as guilty of this. If Russia is concerned about fellow Russians abroad they would not be sending in unmarked military to help 'secure' them. They would have also done this long ago, not a couple days after their favourite Ukranian gets run out of the country.

Comment: 'settings' is too hard? (Score 1) 179

by Imazalil (#46387991) Attached to: Apple's Messages Offers Free Texting With a Side of iPhone Lock-In

Wait, so we have a bunch of Android fans complaining about the complexity of going to the settings screen and looking for a few toggle options. How do you actually use your Android phone? Samsungs' easy mode?

PS - this happened to me too and after my new phone didn't get the text message while my old iPhone did (without a sim card, over wifi) the first thing I thought was to turn off imessage. It's not hard people. Especially for the slashdot crowd, I really really hope.

But lets keep bashing Apple, and getting pageviews!

Comment: it's not feminism. (Score 1) 209

by Imazalil (#45892527) Attached to: Headhunters Can't Tell Anything From Facebook Profiles

But doesn't this bias come from a majority male area - the courts. It's not like feminists have been lobbying the court system to get this outcome, it's one that's perpetuated (generally) by men against men.

Feminists aren't going to spend time fighting for your rights in this case because they have other issues to worry about, such as why the court/justice system is still so predominantely male.

Yes, there are plenty of examples of men being denied custody even though it's pretty clear the woman is causing damage. Don't blame that shit on feminists though.

Comment: Would you still support this if we chose Google? (Score 1) 284

by Imazalil (#45859421) Attached to: Apple Denies Helping NSA Subvert iPhone

Google's core apps/services on Android are just as closed as Apple's, and they are on a trajectory to close off more and more things. Google is also known to delete data from user's phones without consent, unlike Apple so far.

Oh wait, you're just on an anti-Apple troll roll... silly me... carry on.

Comment: It's the global warming (Score 1) 506

by Imazalil (#45612245) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why So Hard Landing Interviews In Seattle Versus SoCal?

Before Global Warming/Climate Change...
Vancouver/Seattle = ~3 months of summer and the rest rain
Rest of North America = the regular expected seasonal weather, snow in winter, hot in summer, leaves changing colour in fall, etc.

Now/After Global Warming
Rest of North America = OMG Apocalypse BBQ
Vancouver / Seattle = oh look seasons

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