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Comment: Re:Different conceptions of harm? (Score 1) 1168

It's fun to make this just bout a cake. But what happens when all on staff nurses/doctors in an ER refuse to help 'the gay' or the local utility company - aka someone with a monopoly - decides that they won't deal with 'them' at all?

What about state/municipal services. It's not too far fetched to think that all the clerks in the whatever-departments-hands-out-business-licenses would refuse a gay person services so that they could start their own gay-friendly bakery.

Comment: Re:Hack for a shitty law (Score 1) 124

by Imazalil (#49356257) Attached to: Australia Passes Mandatory Data Retention Law

Could this be a way to 'save' newspapers?

Find a journalist you like and set up a system that you pay them a buck a month? If they are nice they could offer you access to their stories ad-free as a bonus.

Or just use the existing subscription model, just change it from "subscribing" to "financing" and you are employing your favorite organization or reporter.

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