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Comment Holy Flamebait headline Batman! (Score 1) 366

So human makes calculation on paper. The result is 66,400kg. Human then enters the same number onto a tablet.

Sure the human involved sucked at math and got the wrong result in the first place, but he copied the (wrong) result into the tablet perfectly fine.

How does this have anything to do with the tablet?

(yes, all this stuff should probably be automatically generated in this day and age, but that is a different discussion to have)

Comment No credit, no problem (Score 1) 360

Is being primarily cash-only (SUICA being an extension of this) such a bad thing? Sure, credit is convenient, but as we've seen over and over again, people can't really be trusted with it.

With the spread of SUICA into convenience stores and other not high cost places like restaurants, Japan might be able to cut out banks all together from day-to-day live, and I think that would be just great! Yes the services banks provide have their place, but paying 5 bucks a month for a crappy 10 transaction chequing account where you worry about what special order your deposits and withdrawals will be processed is not what I would call progress.

Comment Re:Or perhaps... (Score 1) 618

This. I never thought that the general gaming population were such prudes.

Grumbling under their mustaches about the crap that big publishers have been doing for years, but upon hearing allegations that a women used sex to procure favorable review of a no-name indie game, they were just roused to action. Grabbing their pitchforks and all that. /s /s /ss?

Sarcasm, but serious. Not everyone's favourite Godwining backup band.

Comment Re:Google Keep (Score 2) 227

It helps a bit in determining which of all those notes floating in 'the clouds' are yours.

I do like the idea of all notes by all people getting dumped onto a server and syncing back to everyone. Then having to come up with creative ways to find the ones that are yours.


A good few years ago, people deemed wireless syncing between desktops, phones, tablets, fridges, cars, the NSA, and everything in between a good thing. To accomplish such a thing, unsurprisingly, an account of some type is required.

Comment BINGO! (Score 1) 289

Is this just a really buzzwordy-I-win-bullshit-bingo way of saying "lets outsource our jobs to China/India and surf youtube all day"?

Because all Apple does is call up Foxcomm every year and tell them "yea, we need a new phone this year, make it a bit bigger and round out the edges, you kno wat I mean", right?

Comment So, no murder cases have been solved so far? (Score 2) 392

Wow, just imagine a world in which police are able to solve murder cases. Truly, this is an idea who's time has come. It will change the world! No longer will police simply be relegated to issuing parting and speeding tickets. /s

As TWX states above, they can go to the carrier and get call/location/sms logs. Do they think that the killer left them a video note on the phone?

Comment Re:No nuance allowed. You're for us or against us. (Score 0) 557

Maybe media people don't write stories based on blog rants?

There is a difference between censoring and ignoring. It's been proven (the best she got from the sexy-time-served journalist is 1st mention in a steam early-access-thing round up) that she got no reviews for sex, so who was right to ignore the story? Some people see censorship, some see ignoring the ramblings of an angry person.

Even if the gaming media took it up, it would have taken days to actually do some research, interview people, write the story, and put it up, and by that point 'the outrage' had reached a boiling point.

Why did it take allegations of sex to incite the riot and not the numerous instances of cash and paid-for-reviews?

Comment Re:Why should anyone help you? (Score 1) 557

Ah, I see you've had access to all the threats that she's received? I'm 'neutral' - as it's the phrase of the day - on Wu, but this just seems like an asinine argument to make when we don't know the details of the threats.

Yes, I bet 95+% were generic "I'm coming to kills youuuu" threats, but what if some were specific "meta-monkey I'm going to kill you while you sleep in your paul frank pajamas in your queen sized pink velour sheets" type stuff? Assuming you actually have pink velour sheets and paul frank pajamas of course.

I don't think anyone on the receiving end of this GG drama (on either side) has claimed to be kept out of their homes for weeks on end, so I get a feeling it was pretty specific threats that caused it, no?

Comment Re:No nuance allowed. You're for us or against us. (Score 1) 557

Sure, but then don't bring it up in conversation. Easy.

You don't need to start things off with "I'm neutral on the whole confederate flag thing" when talking to someone from the south, or "I'm neutral on the whole Nazi thing" when talking to a German.

Now, you don't need to say it especially when dealing with someone who has been directly impacted by 'them'. What kind of reaction will you get from a holocaust survivor when you tell them 'I'm neutral on the whole Nazi thing' as a lead in. You know, lots of Nazi/German soldiers and party members where perfectly decent human beings, not involved in the holocaust or any other atrocities, but I bet you that their response to the question, especially if you asked them less than a year after getting out of a camp is not going to be very neutral.

Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!