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Comment: Re:Stop trying to win this politically (Score 1) 786

by Iman Azol (#48789741) Attached to: Michael Mann: Swiftboating Comes To Science
Bill did go anti-gun, in a huge way, in 1994, and his party got properly ass-raped for it. The hockey stick was proven to be bullshit. Any retcon to the contrary is also bullshit. If you compare the geology pages to the warmerbator pages, geologists know what the future of climate will look like, and CO2 won't have much effect other than possibly delaying the next glaciation, sometime in the next 10K-50K years. The temperature here has dropped 10 degrees in the last week. At this rate, we'll be at Absolute Zero within a year. I'm embarked on a tire-burning crusade to create or save 300 degrees. If I'm right, it should start getting warmer in about a month. Watch and see.

Comment: Re:Dupe (Score 1) 840

I "easily" fixed one of my broken shop tools when they stopped making spare parts. Had a friend turn a shaft, found bearings, dis-re-assembled. Took more time and money than replacing it entirely. A few days later, the trailing bearings failed. I recycled the steel and aluminum for $5, saved the motor to use elsewhere, and bought a Chinese import with a two year guarantee for half the price of the American one.

Comment: Re:Misleading to call it "non-copied" (Score 1) 657

by Iman Azol (#38844455) Attached to: Non-Copied Photo Is Ruled Copyright Infringement
Whenever someone says "you can't "own" an idea," I realized I'm communicating with a jealous retard who's incapable of creative product. In the example you give, were a flintknapper come up with a new way to knap flint arrows, he would be fed and supported by his community (effectively paid royalties) and the idea would not be shared with other tribes. He would, in essence, own the idea, until he could teach a worthy apprentice the same trick. If that idea were stolen by another tribe, it would be deemed a loss. If it were shared at a council, then an idea or other value would be expected in return. This is not to say the OP is a clear case one way or the other, or that there aren't issues with IP law. But one can, does, and for a long time have owned ideas. The only people who argue this want the benefit of others' creativity for their own selfish use, without offering value to the creator. Also, any cursory reading of history will show that IP, replacing patronage, led to an explosion in arts and sciences. But hey, feel free to live in your mythical stone age, if it's so wonderful.

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