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Comment: Re:Misleading to call it "non-copied" (Score 1) 657

by Iman Azol (#38844455) Attached to: Non-Copied Photo Is Ruled Copyright Infringement
Whenever someone says "you can't "own" an idea," I realized I'm communicating with a jealous retard who's incapable of creative product. In the example you give, were a flintknapper come up with a new way to knap flint arrows, he would be fed and supported by his community (effectively paid royalties) and the idea would not be shared with other tribes. He would, in essence, own the idea, until he could teach a worthy apprentice the same trick. If that idea were stolen by another tribe, it would be deemed a loss. If it were shared at a council, then an idea or other value would be expected in return. This is not to say the OP is a clear case one way or the other, or that there aren't issues with IP law. But one can, does, and for a long time have owned ideas. The only people who argue this want the benefit of others' creativity for their own selfish use, without offering value to the creator. Also, any cursory reading of history will show that IP, replacing patronage, led to an explosion in arts and sciences. But hey, feel free to live in your mythical stone age, if it's so wonderful.

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Seeing as this is the moron behind, excuse me,, a group of lefticle trash who are running an 0:infinity track on accomplishing their political goals and predicting destruction of our precious bodily fluids if we don't all become socialists right now, I'm hardly going to click on the link. I'm sure he'd love it if we were all forced to see his opinion on everything, but yes, I'd enjoy a default parameter to exclude him, and support preferences that figure that out. I'm certainly interested in legitimate left commentary. But really, these are the extreme Anti-Fox, Anti-Tea Party, How Can We Dial Up The Idiocy To Another Level losers. I'm amazed anyone would waste bandwidth on them.

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Liberals usually work incrementally.

As a liberal, I can play this argument too: It starts with short-term tax cuts to stimulate spending after a recession. Then later on the short-term has become a decade and then permanent. And the cuts go deeper, and deeper. Then comes a deficit commission and Social Security and unemployment insurance is gone and you have a significant population of desperate unemployed people starving to death on the streets.

I don't see what the problem is. Your position is that people are entitled to my goods and labor without my consent for their own benefit. That's called slavery. Don't promote the fallacy that I "benefit" from it too. Slaves were given medical care and housing. If someone less dedicated or capable "Starves to death" (I challenge you to find a statistically relevant number of cases, and further to demonstrate that such people can survive without a guardian making decisions for them in any society), I'm not clear on how I am morally culpable. You've a tautology that the state is entitled to whatever amount of my goods and labor it deems appropriate, and I am selfish to refuse. I offer a counter. I desire to perform anal sex on someone. Please provide me with a recipient.

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